September 28, 2010

Colapietro says he welcomes 'bipartisan debate'

A few hours after state Sen. Tom Colapietro told me he had no intention of debating his Republican challenger -- “How can I debate him when I don’t even know where he came from?” the senator asked -- he issued this press release:

Colapietro Welcomes Opportunity for Bipartisan Debate
GOP tries their hand at ‘reverse psychology’ on campaign tactics
Bristol – Today, State Senator Tom Colapietro, representing the 31st District towns of Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville and Plymouth, and a candidate for reelection this November, issued a statement on the subject of bipartisan debates.

“It has been suggested recently by certain Republicans that I have a good handle on the issues in this election, and would be well prepared to debate them,” said Senator Colapietro. “They are absolutely right. I’d like to thank them for that compliment, and I’ll be looking forward to the opportunity to do exactly that in a bipartisan forum in the near future.”

“We have also heard some talk recently accusing me of negative campaigning. I have to say, that’s one of the strangest negative attacks that’s ever been thrown at me, as I’ve yet to release any of my own campaign advertisements. Still, I will give my opponent some points for creativity. Maybe he thinks of himself as a reverse psychologist?”

“As we speak, conversations are moving forward on multiple fronts to organize a nonpartisan, unbiased forum for a discussion between my Republican opponent and myself on a wide range of important issues,” continued Senator Colapietro. “Public discussion of issues is important in a campaign, and I will do all I can to make sure that discussion is fair and open.”

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Anonymous said...

This will finish Tom off.

Anonymous said...

Buh-bye Tommie!

Anonymous said...

Tom welcomes a debate? That's funny. I'm sure he'll never do it.

Anonymous said...

Lets see like he said in his article what does Jasomn the insuranceClaims adjuster have to offer ? Oh yeah a plan.

Anonymous said...

I think what he said was pretty clear if you look at it honestly which we know you can't do. So twist away you unhappy soul you ?
And to be honest I don't think anyone is picking on Welch. Because it is you who are trying to fool the voters . So if he wanted to stay clean he should come out against your trash, If he doesn't then he is just like you. But I don't think so!