September 24, 2010

Downtown vendors remain an issue for downtown eateries

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Six months after the city’s downtown restaurants begged City Hall to oust a growing number of food vending carts and trucks downtown, nothing much has changed.

“I feel like I’m along without anybody’s support,” said John Spaniotis, owner of Center Restaurant and Pizza on North Main Street.
Spaniotis was one of a handful of owners of brick-and-mortar eateries who asked the city to crack down on vendors who are gobbling up business without adding to the city’s tax base or employment rolls.
City councilors initially expressed tentative support for the idea, but backed off when hundreds of people who buy fast food from the vendors rallied in their defense. The Ordinance Committee is still reviewing legal options, however, and may proposed changes to city statutes.  Click here for the full story.
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Anonymous said...

Drove by on friday looked like a city in need of real leadership. The vendors are taking over. THE COURT HOUSE PEOPLE MUST LEAVE. This kind of service belongs on theoutside of downtown.

Anonymous said...

BRISTOL looks like a low class DUMP. No other city allows this in its downtown. Wake up you leaders.


7:17/7:23: Want to really help class up our City???'d be doing us all a tremendous favor!

Anonymous said...

next they will be selling watches and pocketbooks. I love bristol WAKE UP look around. BRISTOL LOOKS LIKE A FIRST CLASS SHIT HOUSE. No leadership to clean up this mess. Time for big changes.

Anonymous said...

12;27 must be talking about PLAINVILLE.

Anonymous said...

What a mess with the circus trucks on MAIN ST. screw the people paying taxes in Bristol cater to these guys and watch more buisnesses close.

Anonymous said...

Art Ward is the Mayor.

Ask him, he will tell you so.