September 30, 2010

Bristol, New Britain chambers fight over busway

Don't miss this column by the head of the New Britain Chamber of Commerce, William Millerick, an old newspaper hand.
Millerick said that stopping the busway has become "an obsession" with the Bristol chamber.
"Even people in Bristol shake their heads at the amount of time, energy and now money that is being spent by the Bristol chamber to stop a busway in New Britain," Millerick wrote.
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stop the busway said...

Ending wasteful and useless expenditures (boondoggles) by the government should be the "obsession" of the entire electorate. This project fits that description.

Anonymous said...

Mike Nicastro shood move on !!!!!

on the train against the busway said...

September 30, 2010 3:43 PM:

You must a supporter (or relative) of the New Britain RINO, Tim Stewart.

Mike: Don't give up!!!!!

losing said...

wonder why the plainville chamber of commerce left the bristol chamber and became a member of the new britain chamber of commerce?
which town will be next?