September 22, 2010

Vonella: City Hall still hasn't phone him back

More than a week after downtown property owner Philip Vonella complained at a City Council meeting that Mayor Art Ward failed to return phone calls, he has yet to hear from the mayor.
Vonella said this morning he hasn't heard from Ward, any of the city councilors, the public works director, the police chief or anyone else at City Hall.
"When these guys don't call back, that tells you something," Vonella said.
Vonella is frustrated by rising crime, vandalism and a failure by city government to maintain municipal property downtown.
Vonella said the city spruced up a bit after his complaints -- particularly when Channel 3 followed up on a Press story last week -- but hasn't done anything serious to address the long-term need for "a firm plan" to make sure the problems are addressed.
He said he's heard from many other business owners and residents who are encouraging him to keep speaking out.
"This thing is going to mushroom and grow bigger," Vonella said.
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Anonymous said...

Keep following the script Phil. Good boy!

dump McCauley 2011 said...

I'm sorry but this has McCauley written all over it.

Anonymous said...

Guess this is the part of the script where "Mighty McCauley" (or whoever it is who's being groomed to be the candidate) will swoop down and save Mr. Vonella from the evil drug lords, just in the nick of time...stay tuned!!!

Fed up too... said...

Maybe if the Mayor MANAGED his department heads and spent his staff meetings addressing constituent issues instead of employee gripes would be different.

Downtown needs to be safer. The police need to be proactive. The Police Board needs to force this to happen. Ward & DiVenere need to spend less time behind closed doors and get out on the streets of downtown in the evenings and on weekends.

I am no fan of McCauley or Vonella but I applaud anyone willing to recognize that downtown needs major improvement and the change can only come from the top.

Do you job boys. Many people who live in or drive through downtown are sick and tired of seeing the streets turned over to the wrong elements while the cops go by with blinders on, toting a coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

Anonymous said...

5:03: Helloooooo. Everyone realizes that the downtown needs major improvement. Phil whining about it is definitely not applause worthy. Even though we're still in this nasty recession, North Main looks better than it has in years and work on Main St and Depot Square will be beginning shortly.

I'm sure the real reason for Phil's sudden need to vent in public has more to do with what 12:34 PM said. Too bad we have to put up with these games.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Phil were a little more pro-active, and not a slum lord, he would install video camera's and catch whomever he claims is vandalizing the area, hanging around the area doing or selling drugs, and give the police the tapes. Stop whining and wait, things will happen soon. These things didn't happen overnight and it will take time to clear up.

Perhaps, you and the other concerned business owners and concerned citizens, could pool all your resources and form a block watch to keep an eye on your property. Sit around in your vehicles with a camera and record all of this illegal activity you claim is going on. Everybody wants the government to do everything for them; however, they don't want to lift a finger to help themselves, all they want to do is complain.

Grow up Phil, if the mayor or police chief don't return your calls, grow something and go see them in person and talk to them face to face. Don't be such a publican wuss like your buddy cockayne.

personal call said...

phil, didn't you hear the "ding-a-ling" of your phone - all that you need to do is answer it with "hello, ding-a-ling here."

Fed Up Too.... said...

10:27 AM

Isn't that why we have 100+ sworn police officers and countless other public employees? We should pay for bloated city government AND do their jobs? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Common courtesy warrants a return call!

Obviously the mayor did not want to face the issue.

And he wants a four year term?

blackout said...

phil, you had your 15 seconds of fame on nutmeg tv - savor it because a tv star - you are NOT.

Anonymous said...

7:31 PM,

The mayor faced Phil and his "issues" at a public meeting. Obviously, Phil has some other motivation to continue his public whine-a-thon, same as his buddy McCauley and his dog and pony show. The campaign season hasn't even begun and we're already being subjected to games and bullcrap.

Four more years sounds about right to me!

unabled said...

10:45, nor is he a retailer or a contractor, ask the customers who will even tell anyone that they know him. more like a scam artist.