September 22, 2010

Realtors back candidates in Bristol

The Realtors Political Action Committee has endorsed a handful of candidates in this year’s General Assembly races.
Michael Casey, a Realtor, said the PAC endorsed Republican state Senate hopeful Jason Welch in the 31st District.
In the 22nd state House race, it backed Democratic incumbent Betty Boukus and in the 79th state House district, incumbent Democrat Frank Nicastro got the nod.
Two Republicans angling to capture state House seats got the nod in the 77th and 78th districts. In the 77th, the Realtors supported Jill Fitzgerald and in the 78th, they backed Whit Betts.

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Realtor said...

Tom Colapietro never kept his promise to sun set the Real Estate Conveyance Tax. I ask my follow Realtors to sunset Tom Colapietro

Anonymous said...

Vote for Jason Welch!

wow said...

these exciting (sic)endorsements are definately not going to be the deciding factor in my choices for the november elections.