July 21, 2009

Wright happy at health care veto overrides

Press release from state Rep. Chris Wright, a 77th District Democrat:


State Representative Christopher Wright (D-Bristol) voted Monday to override the Governor’s veto of landmark health care reform legislation- the Connecticut Healthcare Partnership and Sustinet Bills.

“The vote in the House to override both bills sends a strong message that we care and are working to fix a broken health care system,” Rep. Wright said. “It’s important that we give struggling Bristol families and small businesses real hope for relief.”

The Connecticut Healthcare Partnership legislation will allow municipalities, small businesses and non-profits to voluntarily join a self-insured state employee health plan. It would create a large pool of insured lives with increased bargaining power and lower costs, and through self-insurance would save the state an estimated $70 million upon implementation. It is estimated the state would realize ongoing savings of $10-$20 million annually from self-insuring the state plan.

The SustiNet Plan provides a framework for health care reform based on the recommendations of a voluntary board of directors and advisory committees. The board will produce recommendations on how to make the SustiNet plan available to state employees, municipal, non-profit and small employers, other employers, individuals and eventually the beneficiaries of Connecticut’s public health benefit plans (HUSKY Plan Parts A and B). The plan emphasizes evidence-based medicine, prevention, the medical home model of care, and controlling costs through system reforms such as electronic medical records.

Rep. Wright said he was disappointed that the Senate failed to override the Governor’s veto of the Healthcare Partnership bill, but welcomed the Senate joining the House in overriding the Sustinet Plan veto.

“It’s unfortunate that Republicans in both chambers failed to support healthcare reform,” Rep. Wright said. “The fight for healthcare reform deserves bi-partisan support.”

Rep. Wright serves on the Finance, Revenue and Bonding, Housing and Insurance Committees.

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Anonymous said...

Should we expect anything else from Comrade Wright?

Anonymous said...

and just how much will this cost us, in this year of the $8B deficit? can we speak to that? say what you want about rell and her failure to even attempt to balance the budget, but she may have been accurate when, explaining her veto, she stated that this initiative would cost CT taxpayers millions (and millions and millions).
i believe in the benefits of universal health care, but you have to be able to fund it. the problem is people want these benefits but they don't want to pay for them via a significant tax increase.
i can't blame the regular working joe (not program eligible), who thinks, now i have to pay for my health insurance AND for yours.
you want bennies like this, look to the europeans and see how much they pay in taxes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr.Wright. You just chased all small business out of our state and might have just forced more people to flock south. How in the world do you plan on paying for this? Raise Taxes? This is just totally crazy. Remember no matter how much this is going to cost at first - prices always need to increase. Who will pay those increases over the years?

Concerned Conservative said...


AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

There he goes again killing jobs and small business. This guy,,,hell ALL the Democrats don't get it. If you pass a budget the cost businesses more in taxes...the small businesses will either close, eliminate jobs and most certainly pass that tax on to the consumer. DUMB DUMB DUMB...but thats what you get when democrts are in the back pockets of the unions...especially here in Bristol. GREED GREED GREED!