July 13, 2009

New digs for an old paper

As many of you probably realized, I've been on vacation. Though the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tempted me to put on some cool duds and head out on the road with a guitar, I decided to return to work. Since I can't sing or play music, it was probably for the best, though I've heard some opennig acts over the years that have made it clear that talent isn't always necessary for success.
Anyway, I'm back.
We're in the new Bristol Press office now, a cozy little place with a fine view of the rubble field where the mall once stood. As long as we're here, you can rest assured we'll know if a developer shows up.
I anticipate more attention to Main Street parking now that I see just how little of it exists, but otherwise the change in locale shouldn't make much difference to readers.
It doesn't seem like I missed much. But let me know if there's something that should have been in the paper but wasn't. I may be able to help.

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Anonymous said...

You, Steve, you and your guitar should have been in the paper.

Bill Stortz said...


Welcome back.

When I saw the article in todays Times, on page B5, I thought of you, and thought that maybe you had suffered the same fate.

Hope you had a good vacation.

Bill Stortz

Not mine said...

Informing the public of the travisty of the B.H.O. administration just might be newsworthy .

I will NOT be holding my breath waiting for said coverage .

Anonymous said...

Steve - there's approx. 17 acres of parking right across the street from your new office.

Steve Collins said...

7:10 - We cover Bristol, not the White House.
I didn't write about George W. Bush and I don't plan to write about Barack Obama either -- unless he comes to Bristol (or nearby, I suppose).
I'll leave it to the many reporters in Washington to tell us what's going on there. Lord knows there's enough to keep them all busy.

Anonymous said...

Steve: You missed the Police Union president's standup comedy routine that was in the paper about a week ago, it was really funny.

Anonymous said...

and firemen still in arbitration - another labor friendly move by the Ward administration.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Steve. I almost started my own blog while you were enjoying your hiatus. I look forward to the open house. I'll bring my own chair.

Anonymous said...

Your denigrating comments about the Depot Square site are truly indicative of your disdain for Bristol.

Perhaps you should be greatful for the Bristol leaders and residents that fought along side you to keep the Bristol Press alive and in Bristol.

The city may look like a rubble field to you but as the Bristol Press was salvaged, so shall be the Depot Square site.

Anonymous said...

Bristol is finished.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

11:37 AM

Can you really blame a reporter for calling it like he sees it?