July 23, 2009

Gill's address to the GOP's town committee

Republican mayoral candidate John Gill's speech to the Republican Town Committee tonight:


First I would like to thank you for the nomination and the opportunity to speak with you this evening. I believe that we have presented an extremely strong slate of candidates for city council. It is apparent that each of the individuals running for city council are doing so because they believe that they can help make Bristol a better place. They are running for council for all the right reasons, and when you consistently do things for the right reasons, it becomes contagious and I believe we will have a very successful election in November.

My name is John Gill. I am a twenty-nine year old attorney. My mother works at Sheriden Woods here in Bristol and my father is a printer in Hartford who attended grammar school at St. Stan’s. Growing up, I spent a good amount of time in Bristol visiting family and friends or taking the occassional trip with Dad over to the old mall to pick up some tools or other gadgets at Sears.

I attended college in Washington, D.C., law school in Boston, and when it came time to find a place to put down roots, I recalled my earlier experiences in Bristol and decided that this is the place where I would like to settle and raise a family.

I’ve spent the last few years living in Bristol, paying attention to the public discourse, but regrettably did not participate because I was focused on establishing my career. As I listened to what the people around the city were saying, I noticed that the same voices kept popping up, with the same opinions and causing the same conflicts. Over the course of the past few weeks, it became too hard for me to stand on the sidelines any longer. I believe it is time for Bristol to be presented with a new voice, a new vision and a new direction.

My philosophy on governing is simple: keep property taxes low, provide targeted and responsible incentives to businesses to increase our job base and grow our economy, and to ensure that all improvement projects are done an efficient and fiscally responsible manner - to completion.

I believe that an informed and active citizenry is vital to the health of any municipality. I know how difficult it can be to participate in the discussion. The forty hour work week is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and we’ve long since seen the end of the single income household. Times are tough and people are struggling to stay afloat.

This is why I feel that the best government is a transparent and accountable government. As Mayor I would implement the use of new technologies to effectively and efficiently communicate with the residents of Bristol. Imagine being able to pick up your mobile device or sign on to your computer and receive instantaneous alerts to traffic detours, road construction, or other events of importance to Bristol. Imagine receiving an email from the Mayor at the end of each week detailing the past week’s events and highlighting the week ahead.

It can happen, and it will happen if I am elected Mayor. The best part about the use of this new technology is it’s free.

I understand the road ahead will be tough. I understand that we have lots of hard work and many long days ahead of us. I need to know if you are willing to stand with me. Will you stand with me and this incredible slate of candidates for city council?

Will you stand with me against the entrenched voices and politics of old and declare that it is time for a new name, a new voice and a new direction for Bristol?

I look forward to working with all of you.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

And as a republican, I say this. John Leone chanaged the charter to allow municipal employees to run for government seats. In the charter of this town all that it says is required to be mayor is that you be 18 and a registered voter. We have tons of candidates that have years of experience in the private sector dealing with millions of dollars and you have th nerve to question their experience and "POP" a teacher that has kead the state to one football title is the man to beat. Popularity contest anyone?

Anonymous said...

Sounds too much like Obama to me.

Anonymous said...

As of 6:58 Steves sidebar read "no republican contender yet"

I agree!

washed up said...

and his philosophy also includes getting rid of cockayne and rimcoski because they are "retreads?"
at least they have given something back to bristol other than wanting to captain the ship.
if I were them, I'd be on the watch for my back.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, well-meaning and totally, utterly clueless.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Ward will not get beat by a no name Republican. Do not underestimate Ward's his campaign experience and his political base. When he needs to rally his base, they all come out. Ellen Zoppo made this miscalculation and we all know what happened. Remember, their are a lot of veterans in this city who vote and I didn't see this highlighted on Gill's resume. Game over.

Anonymous said...

Almost a carpetbagger!

Retreads: give me a break. Shows how little (nothing) he knows about Bristol.

Has me concerned.

Am not a fan of Ward, but right now I have no choice but to support Ward.

Zoppo has her nose in the Republican tent, which also has me concerned.

Anonymous said...

Does Johnny know the difference between dialogue and bickering?

We need more discussion of the issues, and open difference is goood.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Zoppo is not, nor has ever been associated with the republicans. Not now, not ever.

All of you Ward supporters are funny. Keep pretending he doesn't have a challenge. The reality check will hit that much harder, and be that much sweeter.

PS: Quit pretending to be "Republicans"...we can see through your front.

Anonymous said...

11:10 I am a Republican and I'm voting for Ward.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that will all of the great Democratic political minds that post to this blog the best they can come up with is Art Ward, who I agree is completely qualified to lead the Department of Veteran's Affairs, but has done nothing for the city the last 2 years. Further, let's look at Cliff Block, or Kevin ouch that hurts McCauley (can anyone believe this guy is a firefighter - he doesn't look like he can pick up the newspaper, much less a ladder.) Frank and Craig have finally seen the light and have moved on and away from these clowns. Now the Dem's are putting up Terry Parker and a tree-hugging tye-dyed lawyer - both of whom have as much elected experience as Gill, or Mills or Czenczelewski. I love the hypocracy.

Artie is now directly tied to spending over 7 million dollars from the town's rainy day fund. If that's experienced leadership, please, please, please tell me what the GOP's address is so I can send them a contribution!

Concerned Conservative said...

Um TJ, your slate is not "great", it's actually somewhat pathetic. But at least you have a full slate this time. Just keep a lid on this Gill buffoon so he doesn't screw up Cockayne's chances.

Anonymous said...

I am a Dem, have been for years. I voted for Ward, was so excited, and was let down by a lack of progress in our city. I will definitely be voting with the Republicans this time around. It is time for a change.

Anonymous said...


And where was Cockayne and Rimcoski when Ward was tapping the rainy day fund? They, with their NO TAX INCREASE mantra, forced it to happen.

And where was the republican party and their "fiscal watchdog" cry?

Dis their leadership, TJ and others, ever attend a Finance meeting and speak out, or even question?

If ward raised taxes, they and you would have been the first to complain!

You can't have it both ways!

Anonymous said...

11:26am - Ward worked for the State not the VA. He was lazy in his job with the State, then became Mayor of Bristol and has done nothing but play the shell game with the rainy day fund. Time for Ward and all the seat warmers to go. I am a Dem and I am voting Rep accross the board.

Anonymous said...

Bye-Bye Artie Boy.


Anonymous said...

So Gill is new - so what? People have to start somewhere to get involved. Look as the clowns on the council town, years of experience does not prove well for them - this town is still stuck with their ideas of pleasing each other, taking care of unions and the buddies. Gill will be an asset to this town as Mayor. Mark my words Ward will start the mud throwing real soon. His motive is to discredit good people.

Anonymous said...

Took about last minute politics, where have the republicans been all along?

Now they get relgion.

Give me a break

Anonymous said...

Hey Gerry,

Don't bet the farm.

Anonymous said...

"Mark my words Ward will start the mud throwing real soon. His motive is to discredit good people."

Golly! Looks like you've beat him to it!!!

Anonymous said...

Cockayne doesn't have to worry about Gill, Concerned Conservative. Cockayne has put his foot in his mouth enough times already.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't even look like mayoral material

act 1 said...

1:27 - the best part of a blog is that idiots such as you don't have to identify themselves as to how stupid that they are - u r definately a poster person for an inept, torally mentally deficient, unscrupulous dirt-bag braying a--hole seeking acceptance by only those bowing to the peer pressure of idiots - curtsy nicely and get the hell off the stage.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Art will throw mud.
He will point out the weaknesses of his opponent.
Of course, since you won't like that, you will call it mud slinging.

Anonymous said...

He's got vision and new ideas and wants change, and the best he can come up with at his big into to the citizenry is that he's going to text them about traffic delays and send them an email about what he's been up to all week?

Anonymous said...

You wait, the Republicans will wish that they had chosen former mayor Stortz.

Anonymous said...

If this guy proves to be a leader and not a follower, especially of the GOP campaign tactic history, then I will vote for him. A new voice and a new face is good for Bristol. I will be anxious to see what he does in the near future.

Concerned Conservative said...

I agree this guy is no Mike Werner nor is he a Stortz (circa ten years ago).

But what exactly was Nicastro's vision (except pad his city pension)? What is Ward's vision, "moving "for-Ward"? Where? To Florida someday? What's TJ's vision? Play with the serfdom until he gets bored?

The whole process is a joke.

Anonymous said...

1:17 poster...or should I say Stortz!

Go away. You party doesn't want you. You think just because people talk to you in Dunkin Donuts your going to get the votes. Not even my dog would vote for you. You and Ward are both the same. Pig headed and try to bully everyone. Your not wanted Storts. Move on with your life. Will you now work against the Reps. just like you did to help Ward get voted in.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should have talked to the leadership of the RTC about running. Instead you wait for them to beg you to run. I'm happy the didn't beg you to run...I'd have rather had the slot open.

Anonymous said...

poster 7:33 Rimcoski is one of Wards lap dogs and needs to go. We all know he's not a true Rep. Thats why the Reps have shut him out of the inner circle. He finds out stuff after it happens. Because he would just run to Ward and tell him what was going on.

Anonymous said...

Great job of putting together a slate of candidates: two came forward on their own, last minute, two others are absolute unknowns, in person and philosohy.

What has the town committee been doing for the past year, or two?

Anonymous said...

Bill Stortz...The worst Mayor in Bristol's history.

This isn't going to be like 2005, when a candidate came forward and accepted the nomination and than withdrew b/c you and your cronies threatened him.

John Gill is in this race to win. He may not have your vote, but neither did Ken Johnson.

You suppoted Ward in 2007 and your support him again in 2009.

Do the honorable thing and become a Democrat.

I'm sure they'll love to have you.

Anonymous said...

Sad that some republicans are spending so much energy attacking Stortz, when they should have been and should be working to get good candidates, and get their candidates elected.

Just another example of their obsession with "power".

They semm to be hell bent on "We showed him, didn't we".

I still think the Republicans should have talked to potential candidates, including Stortz, but apparently the Party wanted to be begged.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I havn't seen such vitriol in a long time.

No wonder the Republicans can't/don't win.

But not surprising, knowing some of the players!

Anonymous said...

If the Republicans spent as much time and energy attracting and supporting candidates as they do in bashing Stortz, they probably could elect a full council AND mayor.

But childish behaviour is costing them.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the Republicans and the City of Bristol are done with Stortz.

Anonymous said...

Monty Burns and Co., Mr. Gill's employer, is an insurance company. How much federal bailout money did they get?

Anonymous said...


Apparently the republicans aren't over him, and they apparently they aren't done bashing him.

All the time, the democrats are WORKING towards reelction.

Which is one of the reasons why they win.

Anonymous said...


Who says I'm a Republican?

Anonymous said...


Only way we can tell is if you give your name.

Or if you even live in Bristol.

Anonymous said...

I find that following, or trying to, the various threads on this site very interesting. Mayor Ward is being criticized by his Republican enemies for taking care of his friends. At the same time, former mayor Stortz is being criticized, seemingly by the same people, (apparently Republicans), for not taking care of his friends (apparently them). I say, you can’t have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

I gotta chuckle.

Stortz must be sitting at home, laughing his arse off, reading all these comments about him.
He isn't running(as of now), don't recall that he said he was, doesn't semm to be part of the republican hierarchy, and yet he getting tremendous coverage on this blog.

And he must be laughing especially hard over some of the inane and more than likely inaccurate comments.
Including his clothes.

Ironically, this is all being done by people with no names, but Bill is on of the few that puts letters in the paper, WITH HIS NAME.

Anonymous said...

Here's an observation. Bristol has turned into a black hole. Big business is long gone (New Departure/Delco Morane, etc.) and the downtown has dried up.

Kind of reminds me of what Torrington was. They're just now coming out it after years of a stymied economy. This being accomplished while under the leadership and direction of a young mayor.

So I ask, aside from voting along party lines, what would stop your endorsement of Mr. Gill? He's young, energetic, well educated and still impressionable as to the right way to do things.

What do you have to lose?

Anonymous said...



Right on!!!

Anonymous said...


And just who will be the one to tell him the right things to do?