July 24, 2009

Mills says Bristol shouldn't settle for less than best

A former Bristol Eastern High School football coach who has been a Democrat for more than 30 years switched parties recently to seek a City Council seat on the Republican ticket.

Dave Mills, 66, said he doesn’t care about political affiliations.

“I’m not looking if people have a D or an R after their name,” he said, “I’m look for those with a B after their name for Bristol.”

Mills is one of two GOP contenders seeking election in the wide open 3rd District, where both incumbents, Democrats Craig Minor and Frank Nicastro, are stepping down rather than seek reelection in the November 3 general election.

Joining him on the Republican ballot is Derek Czenczelewski, another newcomer to the political scene. Two Democrats are also eyeing the seats, Kate Matthews and Terry Parker.

Mills said that running for office was “a big decision to make,” but with his retirement after 36 years as a teacher and coach, “I want to give something back to the city – again.”

He said that as a coach, his philosophy was “to make your players as good as they can be” and as a councilor he would aim to make the city as good as it can be.

Mills said he’s tired of the defeatist attitude of many who say the status quo is “good enough for Bristol.”

He said the city – and its residents – should seek what’s best for the community rather than settling for less.

One way to make improvements, he said, is to recognize the city’s biggest asset is its people. He said City Hall needs to do more to reach out and tap the wide pool of talent that exists in the community.

Mills said that a coach recognizes how crucial it is to build on the talents of those on the team. The city has to do the same.

Mills said he would like to see the city build on the success of Bristol Hospital, the Little Leaghe complex, Lake Compounce and others, “to get the rest of the city to do what they’re doing.”

Projecting a better image is part of the answer, he said.

He said that with the new Route 72 extension, officials need to make sure it looks good to people coming into the city. The new industrial park, too, needs to be attractive, he said.

“We’re projecting an image,” he said, and it better be a good one.

Mills is a city native who graduated with a master’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University. A physical education and health teacher, he coached Eastern’s football team for 26 years, including its only state championship season.

Though a newcomer to politics, Mills served on the Park Revitalization Committee that played a key role in setting the stage for the ongoing renovation of Rockwell Park.

Mills and his wife, JoAnn Mills, have four grown childen and eight grandchildren.

For more information, contact Mills at millsforcitycouncil@comcast.net or write to Mills For City Council at 185 Oakland St., Bristol, CT 06010.

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Anonymous said...

Current council and Mayor only care about themselves and making their pensions fatter. Ward just wanted to be Mayor because he felt is was "his turn" - give this town a break and vote all of them out. This town needs a change and fast.
Maybe then Ward will take his puppet boy Rosenthal & Mize.

Anonymous said...

How did he get republican party rights so quick?

Anonymous said...

I agree Dave. Bristol DOES NOT need a guy like Terry Parker on the council.

Anonymous said...

I think Mize is a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Dave.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure exactly how you think you know what's going on in the minds of the Mayor or anyone else for that matter. Maybe you shouldn't listen to the little voices. Time to up the meds. You're way off base!

Anonymous said...

Unaffilited, wife is a dem

good for one, good for all said...

so if party affiliation didn't mean anything, why didn't he stay a democrat rather than trying to beat the system by switching from a democrat to an unaffiliated and then to a republican? because if he just switched fro a democrat to a republican, he would have had to wait 90 days to be a republican. seems like the republicans are already using/abusing the system; let's hear their whining as the campaigns move forward.

Anonymous said...

This guy has a B after his name, all right, a B for make me Barf.

Anonymous said...

2:06 obviously you do not know what you spey. Typical of you.

Anonymous said...

6:49...you are sooo confused and WRONG..why don't you read the by-laws and the state law regarding party rights before you post. Stop being so lazy.

Anonymous said...


Please explain.

Anonymous said...

actualy its 60 days to obtain party rights, but your probally a Dem so I can forgive not understanding the law.

Anonymous said...

So, he really doesn't have party rights yet?

Anonymous said...

Dave Mills is an outstanding father, coach and long time resident of Bristol. He is a real stand up guy and we'd all be fortunate to have him on the city council.

Anonymous said...

Ok so let me get this straight. Everyone is screaming about none of the new faces or new blood have experience to be mayor. Some of them have had more private sector experience than the whole council combined. Some of them have seen Military combat, just like the council and Mayor. Some of them have managed budgets within their departments in the millions of dollars. Now we get he is a good father a great coach and a stand up guy.? What the hell are you people smoking, give me some please.

Anonymous said...

I bet, back in he day, if one of his varsity football players wanted to switch from BEHS to BCHS he would have cared about affiliations. Where is the loyalty? Why didn't he want to run as a Dem?

Anonymous said...

Party rights only matter when...oh hell you go do the research since you think you are so right about this issue.

More importantly go check out the citizenship of that Barrack guy!...go check out his grades in school...the guy is more unqualified to serve as you appear to be.

lull-a-bye and goodnight said...

1:38 - easy tiger - sounds as though you need either some in-depth counseling or some real quality-time snuggling up on mommy's lap for security purposes.

Anonymous said...

It may or not be relevant to the public, but if we have laws, rules, legislation, etc., aren't we supposed to adhere to what was approved.
Mills, as a coach, had to play by the rules.

Are they being followed now?

We deserve an answer.


Steve Collins said...

I have no reason to believe that Mills violated any rules.

Anonymous said...

What rules did he violate????

Anonymous said...

Steve, then how about the party?

Why not do some digging?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he didn't but, can anyone tell me, factually, how long is it before one gets party rights when they switch partys?

Anonymous said...

Party rights take effect after 60 days.
What's that got to do with anything?

Republican Party rules allow for the endorsement of Demcrats, Republicans or Unaffilliated.

Mills winning really scars you guys, huh?

Anonymous said...

I just love it when there is a qualified candidate from either party and the opposite party has a need to vilify the person.

This town is so politically blinded, insecure, juvenile and staid, it makes me ill.

Dave, D or R, I hope you make the Council. God only knows we could use some educated and well spoken council people.