July 17, 2009

Bristol father's deadly, drunken crash

Hartford Courant reporter Don Stacom has a good piece today about a drunk driving accident in March that killed a Bristol man who should never have been behind the wheel:

When Walter Madore picked up his sons at a Collins Road house, he was supposed to be the responsible father safely driving the boys and one of their friends home from a late-night get-together with friends.
But all of that went horribly wrong.
Barely a mile away, the ride ended in disaster: Madore's 15-year-old son recalls their Chevy Suburban sliding out of control toward a utility pole and his father — drunk — reaching for his hand and saying "I'm sorry."
Moments later, the car was demolished, the boys were hurt, and Madore, described by friends as a model father, was dead. Click here to read the whole story, at least until the Courant moves it into its archive section.

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patti ewen said...

thanks for sharing a moving account by a fellow reporter.

Bob Brown said...

I concur: Don Stacom's article was moving and thorough. I also thought that Diane Church's article in the Sunday Herald Press was very good as well