July 27, 2009

Democrats pick candidates tonight

Not expecting anything too wild, though it appears there may be a primary for the 2nd City Council District, which has two incumbents running for reelection, Democrat Kevin McCauley and Republican Ken Cockayne.
But there are at least other Democrats eyeing the seat, Allen Marko and Tom Ragaini. For all I know, there could be still others. We'll find out tonight, maybe.
Anyway, I'll post later with whatever there is to say.

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Anonymous said...

And the coronation begins!

Anonymous said...

Who cares. Ward couldn't stand the Dem party because they picked Ellen over him - now he is kissing their butts. Typical Ward - two faced.
How does it feel to be owed by the unions Artie boy?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you meant owned, but you obviously don't know how to spell. If you've checked lately, he's not done anything for the unions. Please state where he is a doormat for the unions.

Attempting to jump on the "dump on the unions" bandwagon is stupid and old and tiresome. Not all unions are the same and they should not all be painted with a broad brush. Also, how is he kissing their butts? Your statement makes absolutely no sense.

Anonymous said...

10:55, You're absolutely correct, but you're probably wasting your time attempting an intelligent debate with 9:24 PM. If he's the same old wanna be I think he is, intelligent discussion is a concept he just can't grasp. He's one angry little fella!

Anonymous said...

I think 9:24 is confused, to put it nicely. Ward and the Dem party have really pulled their act together. They seem to have a new respect for each other and I believe it when they say they're working as a team to get Bristol through this recession.

The childish comments and name calling are over, well except from 9:24 PM that is. Too bad.