July 22, 2009

Dave Mills, ex-coach, to run for City Council

Dave Mills, who coached and taught at Bristol Eastern High School for 36 years, is seeking election as one of the 3rd District's city councilors.
Mills is the second Republican to declare his intention to run in the district, where two incumbent Democrats are stepping down.
Here's a press release about it:

Mills declares Candidacy for Third District City Council

Bristol Republicans are expected to endorse former Bristol Eastern High School football coach Dave Mills to run for Bristol’s Third District City Council seat. The Third District covers all of Forestville and reaches into the Stafford School neighborhoods and parts of Federal Hill.

“The city of Bristol is at a crossroad” Mills told a room full of third district republicans. I am doing this because I believe Bristol’s future is at stake and I want to take an active role in shaping it. The economic climate will be very challenging for the foreseeable future, yet we must all work together to find solutions that move our city forward.”

Mills was a teacher and coach at Bristol Eastern High School for 36 years. During his tenure as head football coach his teams won many conference titles and Bristol’s only State Championship. The successes of his players after football are what he is most proud of.

Dave is a life long resident of Bristol. He is married to Jo Ann and they have four children and eight grandchildren.

In addition to his family activities, Mills has been active in the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame as a board member and President for the past ten years. He has also served on various boards and committees in the city.

“Bristol is my home.” “I have watched Bristol go through many trying times as well as prosperous times. I believe that people are its greatest asset. As a city councilman, I plan to work toward making Bristol a more attractive place to live, be able to raise a family in a safe environment, and attract a business base that will provide jobs and tax stability for our town."

Mills seeks to capture one of the seats being vacated by Frank Nicastro and Craig Minor. “Frank and Craig served the City well and it will be an honor to follow in their footsteps. I want to thank them both for all their hours of service to Bristol”, Mills concluded.

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Anonymous said...

Good choice.

Concerned Conservative said...


This man is great.

I support him 100%

chris wilson said...

That is great news! Mr. Mills would be a great asset to the city council in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Where do I send the check?

Anonymous said...

Great guy who truly wants to help this city, not just himself.
Congratulations Rebuplican party. This is going to be an easy win.

Anonymous said...

He might be the only Republican to get elected.

Anonymous said...

When did Mills become a Republican???
Thought he was a democrat!

Anonymous said...

He was, still is a BIG Zoppo supporter. I wouldn't trust this guy for anything.

Anonymous said...

Just a few days ago, I think.

Anonymous said...

Something smells like a gym locker - if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

Mills, a (democrat/Zoppo) mole?