October 24, 2013

Wilson claims lead in new mayoral poll

New press release from Democratic mayoral candidate Chris Wilson:

Poll Shows Chris Wilson With Lead Over Cockayne

A recent tracking survey conducted by the Chris Wilson for Mayor Campaign shows Democrat Wilson with a lead over his Republican opponent Ken Cockayne.

“This is particularly significant because the poll shows that our share of the vote has increased over the past month and shows Chris with a dramatic advantage among Bristol Democrats and a healthy lead with unaffiliated voters,” said Wilson campaign advisor Chris Ziogas.

“Campaigns are all about momentum.  It’s clear that our message of civility, business experience and sound fiscal practices is sinking in.  Clearly, I have not had an issue bringing up issues where Mr. Cockayne and I differ.  Despite Ken’s complaints about negative campaigning, it seems Bristol voters support my efforts to get Mr. Cockayne to explain how he plans to pay for the costly and unaffordable programs he’s proposed over the last couple of weeks,” Wilson stated.

The survey also asked voter which candidate, Wilson or Cockayne, is more capable of dealing with the specific issues of education, taxes & spending, the economy and blight.

The survey results show that a majority of voters thought Chris Wilson was more likely to have a positive impact on Bristol’s public education system, Bristol’s economy and keeping Bristol’s taxes and spending in check than Ken Cockayne.  Voters were split on which candidate would “be more effective working with local police to crack down on blight, gangs, and crime.”   

The survey of 350 likely Bristol Democrat, Republican and Independent voters was conducted on October 21st & 22nd.

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