October 21, 2013

Fuller: Election Calvin Brown to council

Letter from former city Councilor and one-time mayoral candidate Kevin Fuller:

I am writing today to show my full support for Calvin Brown for City Council District 1. I have known Calvin for over 5 years and he has shown me his desire to work in a municipal leadership position. Calvin has the foresight to see problems that may be on the horizon and know how to find a solution for the problem. His skills in knowing what the youth of Bristol needs and wants is right up his ally. Calvin most of all is a good listener; he makes sure he understands your problem or needs by giving you his full attention and then decides how best to tackle the problem. As a former City Councilman is this district I feel strongly that he is the man to best lead us as we come out of the recovery of the recession and make the right choices to keep Bristol Strong. I ask you join me in electing Calvin Brown for City Council District 1.

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