October 10, 2013

Cockayne outpacing Wilson in fundraising

Republican mayoral candidate Ken Cockayne has raised 56 percent more campaign cash than his Democratic rival, Chris Wilson.
Wilson's campaign pulled in $18,470 before Oct. 1, the deadline for the final campaign finance report before the Nov. 5 election, while Cockayne raked in $28,787.
Cockayne had more of it left to spend, too.
The GOP standard bearer had $13,090 on hand -- even after buying all those orange signs that have popped up all over town -- while Wilson had $8,319 left to spend in the final month of the race.
Both candidates, though, are continuing to raise money. Details of what they take in won't be available, however, until after the election.
Wilson got more than $7,000 in large donations from a handful of friends and family who live outside Connecticut.
Cockayne's donor list contained many more smaller donations from Bristol residents, though he also had some big donors, including more than $3,000 from both the Barnes and Carrier families in Bristol.
Cockayne's fiancee, Brenda Perry of Trumbull, gave him $700, his fifth largest donor.
Wilson had five donors who chipped in $1,000 while Cockayne had four who gave him that much.

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