October 9, 2013

Kramer: GOP off the mark on hospital sale

Unaffilidated City Council candidate Frank Kramer weighs in again on Bristol Hospital:

At last, months after Bristol Hospital was put on the auction block, Democrats have begrudgingly come out of hiding. Yet because the health and well being of the people should never require a finger in the air to judge which way the wind is blowing, nor the nod of a party patsy to put finger to keyboard, their response time diminishes the content of their confessionals. And that is both a shame and shameful. Why it's taken them so long to come out of the closet shall remain a mystery. 

Hats off to the 2 Republicans who came out of the dugout swinging. Though striking out with their positions, they swung. And the 2 Democrats who finally got the party okay or, one hopes, actually did come out on their own accord, finally comprehending the downside consequences to the potential take down of Bristol Hospital. And let me take the time out, here, as a gentle reminder to Mr. Brown, that Bristol Hospital is a non profit hospital which doesn't always mean it's a publicly owned institution; in this case, it's not, rendering the privatization issue moot.

Unless I read the statute like response incorrectly, we now learn that a long time Democrat stalwart, actually considers it a benefit to the people of Bristol to allow, if not embrace, the epitome of corporate malfeasance to infect the mindset of what was once Bristol Hospital. If this deal goes through, this contender might wish they had the power to turn back the clock. Unfortunately, this is real life, not a fairy tale. No magic allowed.

But it's heartening to know that was once seemingly off limits has become an issue with gravitas, worthy of comment, if not debate. I trust, in it's wisdom, the moderators of the upcoming council and mayoralty debates will honor this topic as an entry into the fray. It's, after all, a public health issue and rightfully deserves it.

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