October 14, 2013

Bristol mayoral debate: Wilson, Cockayne's sole face-off of the campaign

The candidates are here and, somewhat surprisingly, so are a few people who aren't obviously connected to either campaign.
The Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce is sponsoring the sole debate of the campaign tonight at St. Paul Catholic High School, in an auditorium that could hold many more than the crowd that will ultimately show up.
Republican Ken Cockayne and Democrat Chris Wilson are getting ready for their showdown by chitchatting with family and friends. Both are said to have spent some time preparing over the last few days.
Mike Nicastro, the former chamber president, said to expect some good questions. Let's hope so.
More later.
Ken Cockayne, right, getting ready for debate.
Here's a shot of the audience, as we get ready to go:

And now the candidates are on stage, shortly after 7 p.m.:

Wilson said he'll make "a transformative" leader who will make great, transparent decisions.

Wow, much more lively than expected. Have to write for Press first.

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