October 29, 2013

Keegan attack on Czenczelewski 'couldn't be further from the truth'

This is City Councilor Derek Czenczelewski's response to a letter to the editor from Paul Keegan in today's Bristol Press:
A Solution for Everyone
Recently Paul Keegan attacked my character, suggesting I hold Forestville Little League in higher regard than Bristol Girls Softball, and that I have “arrogantly” attempted to “railroad” Bristol Girls Softball. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
Over the past two years, the Mayor, Parks Director, Parks Board, my fellow City Councilors, and I have sought cost-effective solutions to our field shortage city-wide, for all of our leagues and athletes. This culminated in the creation of the Fields Study Committee which is comprised of members from the Board of Education, Parks Board, and various local leagues. The Fields Study Committee is being tasked with evaluating all fields in the City, and ensuring we are able to schedule the fields appropriately so each league has a place to play.
Currently, there are several options on the table for Forestville Little League and Bristol Girls Softball, including the use of portable fencing and mounds. The use of temporary, or portable, materials would allow the fields to be used for multiple sports. In addition, the City recently acquired the softball field on Mix Street for use by area leagues, generously paid for by the Water Department. My colleagues and I would love to see this field become the new home of Bristol Girls Softball.
In addition, there are several fields at the local schools that could be used by our local leagues, if approved by the Board of Education and maintained by the local leagues. Understanding each member of the Board of Education’s commitment to the best interests of our children, I have every reason to believe they are willing to work with the City and the local leagues as they have in the past.
In short, I have not provided “false promises” and “false information” as Mr. Keegan suggests, nor have I attempted to put a “boys’ Little League above a girls’ Little League.” What I have done is sought out solutions for all of our local leagues and athletes. I have no personal agenda, other than to see to it that our citizens and especially the children of our community have the same, or more, opportunities than I had as a child. I want to see all of our local leagues continue to exist, including our local Little Leagues and Bristol Girls Softball et al.
The same is not true unfortunately for Mr. Keegan, who has a personal interest in seeing the demise of Forestville Little League, and who strongly supports my opposition in the upcoming election. Shame on YOU, Mr. Keegan.
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Anonymous said...

Shame on who??? Paul Keegan is speaking the truth. The boys currently have three baseball complexes in the City of Bristol to the girls zero. But don't worry Derek and his committee (and we all know what committees do) are looking into putting portable fences and mounds at the schools for the girls to share with the boys....Really? SHARE MORE FIELDS? Do politicians listen to themselves talk? What happened to Title 9? When is it time to get lawyers involved and hold the City of Bristol accountable?
No Shame on Bristol and the decision makers for not supporting the girls!!!

Michael Aparo