October 1, 2013

No voting at Stafford School this year

Everybody who's been voting at Stafford School is going to have to head to a new polling place come Nov. 5.
Instead of going to Stafford to vote in precinct 77-3 (or 77C, for the old-fashioned among you), people will have to head to Bristol Eastern High School instead.
The state ruled that Stafford isn't accessible enough for handicapped voters. It needs a ramp, officials said, and installing one is impossible because regulations require doing all code upgrades if any are made. That's not going to happen anytime soon because of the expense.
It still isn't clear, by the way, whether the American Legion hall on Hooker Court will be available this year. The registrars have requested a waiver to keep it in use despite some accessibility concerns but have not heard back yet.

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