October 30, 2009

So who should you vote for?

For those who want to catch up on the candidates, I've made a little guide here to help you learn something about them so that you'll know what's up when you see a ballot on Tuesday.
There are links here for pieces on the mayoral, City Council and treasurer candidates as well one for the referendum. I'll also put up links for sample ballots and list the polling places.
I'll add the locations of victory parties Tuesday night as soon as I know where they're being held.


See this story for all three candidates' background and their positions on key issues.

Democratic incumbent Art Ward

Republican Mary Alford

Independent Gary Lawton


See this story for all 12 candidates' background and their positions on key issues.


Republican incumbent Mike Rimcoski
Republican Eldianne Bishop
Democratic incumbent Cliff Block
Democrat Kevin Fuller


Democratic incumbent Kevin McCauley

Democrat Allen Marko

Republican incumbent Ken Cockayne

Republican Richard Scarola


Republican Derek Czenczelewski

Republican David Mills

Democrat Kate Matthews

Democrat Terry Parker


Democratic incumbent Bill Veits
Republican Rose Parenti




Board of Assessment Appeals
Republicans: Robert Casar, Stacey Raymond
Democrats: Dominic Pasquale Jr., James Minella

Republican: Timothy Ceritello, Brock Weber, Thomas Hick
Democrats: Joella Bouchard Mudry, Paul Keegan, Todd Larue

Council District One

77A– Edgewood School – 345 Mix Street
77B – Northeast School - 530 Stevens Street
77C – Mountain View School – 71 Vera Road

Council District Two
78A – Chippens Hill Middle School – 551 Peacedale St.
78B – Clara T. O’Connell School – 120 Park Street
79A – South Side School – Tuttle Road

Council District Three
79B – American Legion – 22 Hooker Court
79C – Greene Hills School – 718 Pine Street
77D & 22 - Stafford School – 212 Louisiana Avenue

PS: This will be updated further

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Concerned Conservative said...

1st District: Rimcoski
2nd District: Cockayne
3rd District: Mills and Czenczelewski
Mayor: Gary Lawton
Assessment Appeals: Jim Minella

Anonymous said...

Vote for someone who will deal with the education problem that is brewing in Bristol

Anonymous said...

Vote out Ward. Time for change. And if I hear another person say something about having experience to be Mayor - that is a bunch of crap! if you only knew! Vote change! Vote someone with fresh new ideas. I know this public worker is!

right said...

public worker? think not.

Anonymous said...

This is like an Elbonian beauty contest: there are no winners.

And WE are the losers.

Anonymous said...

if I hear the word "change" one more time...change just means different, not BETTER. There is no substitute for experience. Vote Ward!

Anonymous said...

I bet last year you were saying Obama doesn't need experience because we need change in Washington...

possible? said...

2:32 - alright, government worker?

Anonymous said...

I have gotten two pieces of useless crap literature from Art Ward which says NOTHING. Who is in charge of his campaign? More of the same - if I don't say anthing no one will be offended and by the way, i got grandkids, see their picture, you should elect me? Holy Heavens we are so in trouble.

Anonymous said...

People can vote for two people in the third - kate matthews has my vote and most likely Mills but he was less than impressive on the issues.

Anonymous said...

Mccauley and Marko in the Second. Cockayne has gotta go.

Anonymous said...


Will Cockayne stil run for Mayor in 2011 if he loses this election?

Anonymous said...

If you watched the debate and thought that Derek was not the most well-spoken individual with solid ideas, than you obviously didn't watch the right debate.

Vote for Mills and Czenczelewski in the Third!

Gary L. Graff-Lawton said...

Whoever you vote for at least make sure you vote, if you dont then you can not complain about who gets into office and who does not and what happens over the next two years.
Bristol is facing great challenges over the next few years vote who you believe will do the best for Bristol.

Odin said...

Did "Anonymous" really just compare Lawton's lack of experience with Obama's? He isn't living on some other planet...he's living in some other dimension!

And "Concerned Conservative": you just solidified your status as a troglodyte, if you want that sexist numbskull to be our Mayor. What does it say that he couldn't even get his own party to endorse him to run for City Council?! That speaks volumes to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm still confused on exactly what the Constables do. Seems like more wasted money.

Anonymous said...

Cockayne is the Republican version of Nicastro

Anonymous said...

1st Fuller, Rimcoski
2nd Cockayne, who cares
3rd Mills, Czenczelewski
Mayor Mary Alford
Assessment appeals: Jim Minella
and what ever is left: Who Cares

Anonymous said...

5:33, Holy heavens batman! Are you trying to say that Alford's and Lawton's campaign literature was full of fascinating indepth and educational information? IT'S CAMPAIGN LITERATURE for God's sake. It is what it is...get over it.

Anonymous said...


I got three pieces of Republican literature today.
What stood out was that there is no, nor has there been any, TEAM effort, working together etc.

I see more Cockayne signs alongside Ward signs than I do Cockayne signs alongside Alford signs.

Anonymous said...


Not surprising, Cockayne is all about himself.

Gary L. Graff-Lawton said...

Odin, I feel so sorry for you, sexist numbskull. I would expect so much better from you but then agian I can not expect much from an ignorant, pompous, overbearing, unimportant windbag. I know you are a republican just by the sexist remark. You do not like me , believe me I am not losing sleep over it.
If you feel yourself so much better than everyone else then why did you not run. Oh thats right cause they would not back you either.
Face it you have not even got the courage to sign your own name you use Odin. To be honest you insult the name. If you really believe you are really right sign your real name, do not hide behind another.

normal said...

can't wait 'til Wednesday when all of you whiners ramble on about how rotten the election process is because the voters exercised their vote and picked candidates that you didn't want - suck it up and grow up.

Anonymous said...

How come so many of Cockaynes signs are on property where the house is for sale, abandoned or boarded up, or delinquent in tax payment?

Anonymous said...

Concerned conservative is exactly what he is ... a conservative. I guess you'll vote across the board no matter what. That's just wrong. you need to vote for who will get the job done and frankly rimcowski is too buddy buddy with damato for my liking; cockayne is your typical politician who is tries to do a good talk but can't produce and mills is just a popularity contest winner and dave is being brought along for the ride by mills. that's not what i call choosing wisely for council.

Anonymous said...


And you think that Ward isn't BUDDY BUDDY with D'Amato?

I agree on Cockayne.

And unfortunately, most elections become popularity contests in Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Can one WRITE IN under the new system?

If so, how can I do it?

Anonymous said...

None of the above!

Anonymous said...

Ward needs to go.

Anonymous said...

I've got a better idea 9:42 AM, we'll keep Ward, and you go!


Anonymous said...

11:26am - Nope, Ward needs to go and so do you.

worthless said...

9:42 will be like the rest of the bad pennies on this site and keep coming back with their rotten two cents.

Anonymous said...

11:26am - you keep your bed buddy, the rest of us will vote for a real leader.

Anonymous said...

Bed buddy? Geesh, you guys really are getting desperate now. Lawton can barely find his own butt with 2 hands, a map and a flashlight and Ms. Alford is being led, not leading. The rest of us will be voting for the real leader...

Anonymous said...

ART Has been led for the last 2years but down the wrong path. you must be other puppet.

Anonymous said...

"you must be other puppet."

No Tarzan. Me not other puppet. Me just stating facts.