October 22, 2009

City snags $557,500 energy grant

The city snagged a $557,500 energy conservation grant this week that will provide federal cash to pay for new boilers at City Hall and energy audits of many municipal buildings.
“This is pretty exciting stuff,” said Robyn Bugbee, the city’s grants administrator.
The energy efficiency and conservation block grant, which the city asked for last spring after one of its boilers blew up, should allow for the reduction of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and costs, officials said.
Justin Malley, the city’s assistant grants administrator, said the federal cash will cover the tab for replacing the two aging boilers that a contractor is already in the process of yanking out of City Hall.
The new natural gas boilers that will take their place are more energy efficient and cleaner, Malley said.
In addition to paying for the badly needed boilers, the money will be used for energy audits of city buildings to come up with a list of proposals for slashing utility expenses, Malley said.
Malley said that officials hope there will be some money left over after the audits to pay for the implementation of the energy conservation suggestions.
City councilors unanimously approved a contract last month with East Hartford’s H.H.S. Mechanical Contractors for $147,000 to get the boiler work done before winter sets in.

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Anonymous said...

Again, Robyn continues to do her job, quietly and effectively.

Thank you Robyn

Bill Stortz

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mayor Ward!

Anonymous said...

thank you,john boy

Anonymous said...

Bill Stortz = RINO

Anonymous said...


Stortz always put BRISTOL first.

That is why he got elected so many time!

Maybe that is why the republican egomaniacs don't want him involved.

Anonymous said...

October 25, 2009 11:24 AM aka Bill:

No they don't want you (Stortz) involved because you (Stortz) are a combative jerk who in the last election cycle copped-out of the Mayoral race and then tried to undermine the GOP's candidate by bashing his policies. But that's par for the course for you (Bill Stortz).

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, and I was involved then, a challenger to Stortz announced back in March or April. And the egomaniacs didn't back Stortz up, even though he was the incumbent.So who was bashing Stortz's policies and performance??

Certainly after some 30 years of working for the party he should have gotten some support from the leadership, but didn't. And that cost us the election.

Yes, you might call him combative, I call him a fighter for what he belives in, whichis Bristol.

But he didn't leave the party without a candidate as his challenger did this year.

And no, I am not Stortz: when he chooses to he can speak very well for himself.