October 7, 2009

Bristol Fire videos

Poking around the web today, I ran across a whole bunch of YouTube videos from someone calling himself "tylerweatherman," who shoots footage of fire-related incidents in Bristol. He calls his channel "Bristol Fire News."
I found them oddly interesting. Check them out here.

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Anonymous said...

"oddly interesting"? I think the videos are pretty cool myself. Here is the real website:


Steve Collins said...

I'm not really into that stuff, but I know many people are. That's why I cover politics and government and others cover public safety.
I would suggest that if somebody's got good pictures of a serious incident, they come on down to the Press and see if the paper wants to run them. It's nice to put them on YouTube or Flickr or PhotoBucket or whatever, but if you want the community to see them, the Press is by far your best option.

Anonymous said...

OK, does anyone else find this just a bit freaky???

I visited the site and it's very well done and detailed, but I'm a bit concerned that we have people like Tyler the Weatherman sitting at home listening to a scanner and then rushing to an accident scene, fire scene, or some other tragedy. His conduct may even hamper efforts of legitimate public safety officers, or God forbid, put himself other people at risk (i.e. if he were to rush to a scene and cause an accident in the process.)

I think this is a disturbing, unhealthy fascination with our fire department and this guy's conduct should be closely monitored.

Anonymous said...

Just fyi, Tyler Weatherman is a 15 yr old high school kid. He listens on the scanner, and his Mom drives him to the calls. (He's totally harmless)