October 6, 2009

Lawton says he'll talk to anyone

Press release from independent mayoral candidate Gary Lawton:

Lawton says he will speak to any group that would like him to talk to them

While it is unfortunate that the Chamber of Commerce has decided to charge for the up coming debate, I would love to introduce myself to any club meeting or join an individual and talk to them one on one. To get their concerns and if they have any ideas they believe could help Bristol, now or even perhaps in the future. We, as I have said, must all work together to get Bristol back on its feet and be the best city we all know it can be. While some may say Bristol is a lost cause I say no, we can do this and will do this because if not for us now then at least for future generations to come. We see pictures of cities that have just given up, rampant crime, boarded up buildings even people living in their cars or on the street. I think Bristol can over come its problems and emerge stronger and better for the future, perhaps an example of how a city reshaped itself into a new entity. So if an individual or group would want to hear me talk about Bristol, and some of my ideas and add some of your own, email me at
hoss0463@gmail.com. Let us all work together and return Bristol back on top.

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Anonymous said...

Atta Boy Gary!

Anonymous said...

Pretty strange that they would charge for a small city Mayoral Debate - if I was running for Mayor I would make sure that my constitutes could see the debate for free, or would not even participate.

Anonymous said...

Typical politician.

Aren't we lucky that 'ol Hoss is willing to talk "TO" people, as opposed to talking "WITH" people.

What a big joke. Like this guy has something of value to say. Absolutely unbelievable!

Bristol is screwed no matter who gets in: an alcoholic, a grandmother, or an illiterate. Hurry, don't hesitate, reserve your moving truck today!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gary found someone to help him with his grammar. A long time in coming.

Anonymous said...

"To get their concerns and if they have any ideas they believe could help Bristol, now or even perhaps in the future." (Huh?)

If Gary is getting help with his grammar, then he now needs to get help for the help. Awful!

Anonymous said...

What’s wrong with a grandmother? I think that is the best choice out of the three! Funny how cultures differ and times have changed. In my ethnicity, the older you are the wiser you are and you are respected and admired for that. Not treated as any less. Has to be a Democrat with those thoughts, with your Healthcare thinking the way it is. I do not know Mary, or Gary, or Mr. Ward, but as a woman I am excited to see Mary running and look forward to hear what she has to say. I am interested in what each of them have to say. Hopefully, we can get some good things for Bristol out of this. It is a bit upsetting having to pay to go that event though.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he can talk better than he writes.

Anonymous said...

blah, blah, blah, make bristol better blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...no fresh ideas, no productive thoughts, but at least someone's obviously trying to help him with his spelling and grammar. Atta boy Gary!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, October 6, 2009 2:35 PM, you're a grandmother.

What's wrong with a grandmother in politics? M. Jodi Rell. Nothing more to say.

Anonymous said...

Although I am not convinced that Gary has the experience it takes to lead a city of this size, I do applaud his hunger, tenacity and frankness in being available to voters and to discuss options.
I find it refreshing that he is not willing to hide - and we have not heard from the other candidates.
He at least deserves kudos for that!

Anonymous said...


I would love to hear what she has to say too!

Why hasn't she said it?

Why wait for a debate?

Why not regular releases?

Why not a meet the candidate (for free)?

Please don't tell me you will get all you need in one short session!

semi-circle said...

gary will talk to anyone - who will listen to him - so it shouldn't be a big crowd.

Anonymous said...

I think he'd have to pay people to let him talk to them.