October 28, 2009

Erling steps down from finance panel

The vice chairman of the city’s powerful Board of Finance is stepping down.
Roald Erling, who has logged 20 years on the board, is ready to enjoy his retirement without the burden of public service, several officials said Wednesday.
Erling, who could not be reached, has always been one of the most fiscally conservative members of the nine-person panel that has controlled the city’s budget and bonding since the Great Depression.
“He was a very dedicated member of the finance board, very learned very knowledgeable,” Mayor Art Ward. “He served with distinction.”
A low-key, easy-going man, Erling nonetheless had no trouble saying no to politicians’ pet projects.
A critic of government growth, Erling voiced strong support for maintaining a healthy rainy day fund while holding down property taxes.
Erling, whose term expires in 2011, served on the panel from 1983 to 1997 and then rejoined it in 2003. He was last reappointed unanimously by the City Council in 2007.
When he resigned in 1997 to care for his ailing wife, then-Finance Chairman John Letizia called Erling "the epitome of a finance commissioner" because "he was knowledgeable, hard-working, dedicated, honorable and his only agenda item was to help the city’s taxpayers."He said that Erling, who was vice chair of the panel at the time, “functioned as my co-chairman" because Letizia "had such tremendous confidence in his judgment."
"Roald had the ability to analyze the details and then view the big picture before making a decision,” Letizia said, adding that Erling’s “deep spirituality enabled him to overcome any personal prejudices he might have had in any situation.”
Assuming he is reelected on Tuesday, Ward said he will likely nominate a successor to Erling at the December City Council meeting.
Others on the panel are Finance Chairman Rich Miecznikowski, Ward, Greg Fradette, Janet Moylan, Mark Peterson, John Smith, Cheryl Thibeault and Paul Tonon.
Moylan and Peterson are approaching the end of their terms next summer. The rest are set until at least 2011.

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Anonymous said...

Good chance for Ward to make a positive impact on the BOF, if he has the guts.

I know a good Republican if he is interested.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Erling for your service to Bristol.

Anonymous said...


If you are thinking Stortz, Kloko and Cockayne will fight that appointment, even though it would be a good one.

Anonymous said...

Bill Stortz would never tell anybody he wants it and when asked he would think about it for at least 6 months and then only say " maybe." Then be really pissed that he did not get the seat on the BOF and sit up on all night reading these blogs and posting against those he feels have wronged him. When in the end he is own worst enemy....

Anonymous said...


Guess you don't know Bill Stortz!

Anonymous said...

I double dog dare them to put Stortz on the BOF. He has knowledge and experience that would benefit the city and the BOF.

Anonymous said...

Word is that Wardie feels he's got re-election in the bag and is going to ask council to approve Bob Dunlap as Erling's replacement. Yes, the same Dunlap that is Ward's campaign treasurer. And yes, he's a registered Republican.

Anonymous said...

Stortz just needs to know he's not wanted and go away!

Bill it's not just a few RTC members who don't want you.....it's the majority of them.

I know you sitting at D&D every morning talking to the few who say hi makes you think your are someone important but your not. We are all just being nice to a poor old man!

Anonymous said...


I doubt that even half the current RTC members have even met Stortz or know much about him.

But as a former member, I can say unequivocally, the members don't make the decisions, just the few egocentric "leaders".

Apparently some people still want him, and equally apparent is that the RTC is still afraid of what he knows and what he might say.

To his credit, he has kept his nose out of this election.

Anonymous said...

10:14pm - you are so apparent Mayor.

Billy said...

8:39am - yep more of the good-ole-boys, take care of my friends Ward.

Anonymous said...

Who are these egocentric leaders on the RTC? Just want to know who to avoid when I get involved in the RTC next year.

Apparently Not said...

10:36 - not ward and it should be "transparent" not apparent - dunce.

Anonymous said...

12:35 - better check your dictionary (if you know how), after you pull your nose from Wards butt.

Anonymous said...


Barnes, Mocabee, Schaffrick, and Cockayne, now that he is running for mayor.

Anonymous said...


Once again, the opinion of someone over the age of 7 who calls himself "Billy" can't be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 10:36/1:10, but 12:35 is correct...TRANSPARENT is the term that makes more sense. Although it is APPARENT that you are the one whose nose is tightly stuffed up someone else's butt.

Anonymous said...

10:27 poster....Stortz


Anonymous said...


And how did yuo come to that conclusion?

Many people I know were happy with him, would have voted for him again.

I anm willing to bet that he would outdraw you in any election.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill would be a fine addition to the BOF.