October 20, 2009

City Council debate, part 3 (District 2)

Well, they're all here.
And none of them are using the occasion, as Block did, to urge Mike Schroeder to get rid of me. Of course, he was kidding. Right, Cliff? Right? I'm sure it was joshing.
Then again...
Among those in attendance -- Mary Alford, Art Ward, TJ Barnes, Elliott Nelson, Tom Ragaini, Mickey Goldwasser, Mike Saman, Craig Minor, Fran Mullins, Ellen Zoppo, Bill Viets and more. Mostly familiar City Hall faces, of oourse.
And soon we go...

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Anonymous said...

Barnes was there?

What a surprise!

No Mocabee???

Anonymous said...

Steve, only two republicans?

Steve Collins said...

Oh, there were many others. I had a second and threw a few names in of people I noticed in a quick glance around the room.

Anonymous said...

Oh is anybody suprised that Barnes was there, suprised Gary wasn't. You know they dont need any loose cannons on the Republican ticket got to tow the party line.
I am Republican and know some others who are sadden that they are really only worried about sweeping the democrats this November. they wanted to get everyone inline with the party wow and to think they are such a potent force in town oops my bad they aren't, by the way don't forget to correct my grammer and punctuation whoever you are i know thats what you live for

Anonymous said...


Many republicans are unhappy with the current bunch of egomaniacs that head up the party.

Ironically, while they may end up with only one seat, they/we could have had the mayors seat and at least 3 council seats.

You can thank Mocabee, Schaffrick and Barns for that

Anonymous said...

Another example of how the unholy trinity sucked people into running and then left them high and dry.

Anonymous said...

Not really sure these accusations carry any weight and I bet most of them are from Bill Stortz because he has it in for the current RTC and the people who have stepped up to be the leadership.

In the end if Bill wanted to run nothing and nobody was stopping him from doing so. All he had to do his declare he wanted to run and then he goes from there, but true to Bill's record he could not and still can not make a decision. He is great at pointing out ideas, it is the decision part he seems to lack.

Maybe Bill should run for Town Chairman next year and then he can showcase his leadership skills and decision making ability to get the RTC going in the right direction.

Time to put your money where your mouth is Bill and prove that this is not all just about Bill and his ego, but it is for the better of the town and the local republicans.

Anonymous said...

Lol , Please the Republicans will keep Rimkowski in D1, Cockayne in D2 and will pick up Mills in D3. If people had any sense after listenng to Parker and Matthews invent words on the podium they would pick DC.

D2 is going to be the closest district it very well could end up Scarola/Cockayne, Cockayne/McCauley or Scarola/McCauley. I am prediciting in some form there will be a recound in D2. We might not get mayor, but we will split the council.