October 14, 2009

Lawton calls for action on Bristol Hospital

Press release from independent mayoral candidate Gary Lawton:

Bristol Hospital certainly dodged the bullet this time, but I think we all know that if UCONN and Hartford Hospital want a new medical cetner they will pull out all the stops to get one. So what do we do now?
I suggest that perhaps Bristol Hospital's President Barwis ,Representatives Hamzy and Nicastro and State Senator Colopietro meet with UCONN and Hartford Hospital to see if Bristol Hospital too, can be part of the relationship. I see a potential benefit for not only Bristol Hospital , but also for surrounding towns. I see us benefiting from the research and grant money that UCONN could provide and Bristol Hospital could not.
The closing of Bristol Hospital would result in the end of local medical services and the loss of over 500 jobs, many of which are filled by people who live right here in Bristol. Bristol Hospital's presence benefits not only Bristol, but also surrounding areas not close enough to UCONN OR Hartford Hospital. So we not only owe it to ourselves to keep Bristol Hospital open, but also to those towns that do not have such an excellent resource.
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Anonymous said...

What was going to happen to Bristol Hospital and UCONN? I watched the news and read The Press this morning and didn't see anything.

Come on Gary, get real, do yourself a favor and bow out of the race now. Sure taxpayers will have to pay to have new ballots printed, but at least you'll have your pride. This was a story about 3 or 4 weeks ago and Mary Alford and Mayor Ward each commented on it. Then. When it was new. When they offered IDEAS that you have now re-wrote in your own release. Maybe it took you that long to put something together with minimal misspellings and syntax errors, but please give the voters more credit and identify issues of your own, or comment on something contemporaneous.

Anonymous said...

When did Lawton submit that Press Release?

Steve Collins said...

He sent it to me this morning.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lawton's comments are indeed a day late and a dollar short, but at least he got someone to help him with his spelling and grammar!

Anonymous said...

Bristol Hospital rejects Blue Cross and now wants to be the only game in town? Give me a break!