July 16, 2008

Wright is first to qualify for public financing

Press release issued last night by 77th District state House contender Chris Wright, a Democrat:

Chris Wright, the Democratic nominee for State Representative in the 77th District, is Bristol’s first legislative candidate to qualify for public financing under the state’s new campaign finance law.
Wright has been notified by the State’s Election Enforcement Commission that he qualified under the new Citizen Election Program. He qualified for the new program by receiving contributions from more than 200 people and raising more than $5,000.
“I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have supported my candidacy by contributing to my campaign,” Wright said. “Under the new law, I will not be taking any money from lobbyist or special interests. The only special interest I will be fighting for are the voters and residents in our district.”
Wright said he looks forward to a campaign based on issues and the concerns of voters.
“Property tax reform, providing affordable health care and job creation are goals I plan to fight for when elected. I plan to go door to door in the district and hope to hear from as many residents as possible in the weeks ahead,” Wright said.
If you have any questions for Chris, or if you would like to help out with his campaign, you can reach him at home at (860) 261-7656 or by e-mail at

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Anonymous said...

Must be nice to ride on Daddy's coat tails! The big question is can he win against a woman? I think Fitzgerald is the better choice. based on the fact that she has no political background and owes no one any favors. Mr.Wright on the other hand will be making all his choices based on what his father tells him.

Anonymous said...

“Under the new law, I will not be taking any money from lobbyist or special interests. "

So he won't be taking any money from his father the lobbyist?

Anonymous said...

Daddy, can I REALLY be the state rep? Really? Aw shucks pops!

Anonymous said...

I've known Chris Wright for 30 years. He is a hard working, honest individual whom we can trust to serve the interests of Bristol. Since when did it become a crime to come from a family committed to public service.

Shame on the people who take cheap shots because they don't like his father. Every public servant angers someone if they do the right thing.

Congratulations Chris!!!!

Tom Cosgrove

Wright is Wrong said...

He won't "taking money from lobbyists" (supposedly), BUT HE'S TAKING PLENTY OF MONEY FROM THE TAXPAYERS (through this public financing system) AND HE'LL TAKE PLENTY OF UNION SUPPORT (paid for by tax-payer funded dues) TOO!

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

BUT HE'S TAKING PLENTY OF MONEY FROM THE TAXPAYERS (through this public financing system)

yea so....

public financing works.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

and before the naysayers and idiots jump on my case. The new campaign financing laws prohibit any contribution, either money or in kind, from a family member or spouse. So suck on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bone Heads.

The campaign finance laws FORBID taking money from lobbyists or the fanily members of lobbyists. Wright said that he will follow the law and take NO money from lobbyists including union lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

As long as he doesn't use Wards treasurer.

Anonymous said...

West Conn Student -

Try not to be so immature. You can make your point without sounding like a child.

Anonymous said...

"So suck on it" anonwestconnstooge

You are a pathetic child. Go get a job.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

You're right. I should grow up, dump my college hippie liberal ways, get a job, and learn from the example set by the fine people who post on here.

Oh wait. I have a job, a good one, and it pays well too.

People on this board are focusing on Wright's family background, being sarcastic and immature about and then you wonder why no important issues get discussed in politics.

But I'm the immature one for using a Thomas Freidman quote.

Get a job? Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Public financing is ridiculous!

Let's make sure candidates are being ethical and not taking money from special interests by paying for their campaigns. What a joke!

That's like parents saying my teenaged son is going to drink anyway, so I would rather it be at my house so I could watch him.

How much money a year are we paying to finance this garbage?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that our tax dollars are used to fund political campaigns that broadcast hyperbole and lies. It's also a shame that our tax money is used to provide an obviously inept education to people like "anonwestconnstudent". Both cases should be repealed.

Anonymous said...

make up your minds - public or private funding for political campaigns? - can't have it both ways and can't decide based upon only that which you determine to be in your own best interest - get over it, mommy might know best but you are the one who has to make a decision - scary huh?

Anonymous said...

For all you wise guys A&A especially . You would have moaned even with public financing! It eliminates special interest groups like yours. And even though you profess to be a "holier than thou" advocate you are nothing but a "Naysayer" unless it's what you republicans can't or even think of.
And by the way the money doesn't come from the taxpayers it comes from escheat money. That is money that your "Slum lord" friends abandon property they leave behind after they bleed it dry . Then they leave it to the Cities and States. You should know.

Anonymous said...

You can put lipstick on a pig.. but it's still a pig.

As Harry Hershman said 'Tis sad!

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

This is what get's me. For the first time in a long time there will be a legislative race that can be an equal fight. Every two years the Republicans run the same campaign:

1. Nominate a weak candidate.
2. Run a bad message with code words like "Union," "Special Interest," etc.
3. Lose campaign for not telling people why to vote for them over their opponent.
4. Whine for two years only to repeat the whole process again.

Public Financing gives the chance to level the playing field. Because the old system protected incumbents. Instead of recognizing that opportunity for an open race that could be an even match up, people just make jokes about Mr. Wright's family and somehow try to link public financing to the same failed codewords.

So if I sound a little immature in my posts on this thread it's only out of frustration.

Oh and to July 16, 2008 8:59 PM
Congradulations you are only the thousanth (sic) person to make a crack at my education/tag name.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

5:41 - so, can we assume from your most intelligent statement, that you are experienced at being both a lip-sticked pig along with being an un-lipsticked pig?