July 18, 2008

Bristol CAPT scores - a graphic change this year

With a little help from my son, whose Excel education far exceeds my own, I graphed Bristol's CAPT test score trends since the new generation of the test went into effect at the turn of the century. It clearly shows that this year's results are a big step up from the normal ups and downs, proving either that the schools are doing something right or that there were some especially bright sophomores this time around.
Anyway, take a look at the numbers and the graph of Bristol sophomores meeting the state CAPT goals each year: GRAPH (PDF)

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Anonymous said...

Great graph. Shows that in the past seven yrs. or so we have spent better than $600 million to increase our scores 10 to 15%. Now we only have 50 to 60 percent failing and 30% dropping out before graduation. My hand goes out to the BOE and all those administrators 'dancing in halls' - great job and keep up the good work.