July 24, 2008

Cuts coming at the Courant

Some very fine journalists are apparently on the list for departure at The Hartford Courant. It's heartbreaking for anyone who cares about newspapers in Connecticut to see.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for Bill Gates.

Anonymous said...

What makes reporters any different than any other worker? Another result of profits over people.

Anonymous said...

Profits over people? Aren't papers responsible for paying their bills? You can't run a deficit forever.

The only organization I know of that can continually run a deficit and not cut costs is the government. Maybe the government can take over the press.

Anonymous said...

Get on your bike and take your ear ring and go. You political cry baby !

Anonymous said...

Gee wasn't Clinton the only pres that didn't run a deficet ? Of course you will try to take credit for that too.

Anonymous said...

The demise of the press started with the departure of journalistic integrity. A replacement of unbiased reporting of events and facts with sensational "tabloid-style" stories left the reader seeking truth with nothing different than what he or she could find on local and national television news shows.

Unfortunately, it will be much more difficult to get at the truth going-forward since blogs, internet news reporting and other modern-day mediums are not held to the same rigorous standards that quality newspapers traditionally were held to.

People, issues, and events can be easily spun in the electronic age through "slick production" and targeted marketing of the message. The facts are often nebulous, manipulated, or distorted for the convenience of the author's message.

This is a sad era for newspapers, borne out of the coffee houses of Europe, the newspapers offered the people testimonies of the politics, economics, national and international issues that defined their society.

The survival of the newspaper requires a quick and successful movement to an electronic format.