July 1, 2008

Is A-Rod playing ball with Madonna?

As if there wasn't enough reason to hate the Yankees, Us magazine reports that slugger Alex Rodriguez has been spending late nights with Madonna, who is apparently in the midst of getting a divorce.
On the other hand, A-Rod's been playing well lately, the bum, so maybe Madonna's doing him some good.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, you Red Sox fans whine even when you are winning.

Anonymous said...

the yankess have won 26 world series.

when the red sox win more than 7 world series come talk to me.

the red sox SUCK !!

-billy from bristol

Tim Gamache said...

Better question:Who cares?

Anonymous said...

-billy from bristol

July 1, 2008 3:57 PM


I guess some people get upset when their team gets beat FOUR STRAIGHT games and miss their chance to play in the WORLD SERIES in the 21st Century .

4 and 0 TWICE in the 21st century to win the baseball WORLD SERIES .

Connecticut loves the Red Sox .

Maybe you should move back to new yauk and cry in your beer there .

Anonymous said...

where has the vocal Mr. Tim Gamache been. He talks a lot. He knows everything that is going on in Bristol, did he acquire that from M. Zoppo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Poor Madonna.

Anonymous said...

? - such a positive posting - and you would want your child to have access to this site - okay for everyone else but not for your child?

for shame, for shame.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

How many pennants / world series have the new yauk yuckies won since they acquired this loser ???

Could this be the beginning of the curse of the a-rod ??? :-)

Anonymous said...

Only a naive, liberal child watches Olbermann none the less thinks he's funny. Thanks for confirming that though.