July 3, 2008

A confederacy of dunces?

Take a few minutes to read Timothy Egan's piece in The New York Times on the importance of protecting what's left of the newspaper industry. It's got a lot of truth in it.

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cseguin said...

Interesting piece. He does a good job of concisely summarizing the issues.

I still wonder whether there might be a better way to merge the "old" and "new" media in a way that makes sense, financially and otherwise. My sense, from the outside, is that there is still some pushback against the new media, and newspapers have been slow to catch on. Now, because the problems have built up over a number of years, media outlets are finding themselves playing a game of financial catch-up. Those who hold the purse strings are left wishing they had taken more creative risks earlier.

It's sad in a lot of ways. Just as many readers are "discovering" newspapers again through online access, places are closing up shop.

I remember living in Boston a couple of years ago when the first round of cuts were going on at the Globe and Herald. I'm not as well-versed on the current situation there, but at the time, it seemed like the Herald was floundering badly.

Now we face the possibility, however remote, that Bristol could lose its only newspaper, a paper with some excellent journalists, that does a very good job of communicating new issues to the citizens in a timely manner.

Again, this is sad stuff. Hopefully those with the authority to do so can figure out a creative solution to at least stave off a shutdown.