July 29, 2008

Petitions to be turned in Tuesday

Press release issued Monday:

Today, Town Clerk, Therese Pac was notified that on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 2pm City Councilmen Ken Cockayne (R) and Craig Minor (D) will be submitting petitions with over 4300 signatures in support of placing the Charter Revision Commission’s recommendation of creating a Chief Operating Officer (COO) on the ballot this November.

This past June, the Bristol City Council voted 5-2 against the proposal of placing the question of hiring a COO before the people. Councilmen Cockayne and Minor were the only members of the council supporting this change and in a collaborative effort, spearheaded a petition drive to force this issue to the ballot. The recommendation that Bristol modify its form of government to include a COO was made by the Charter Revision Commission (formed in 2007) with the basic premise being that a COO could oversee the day to day operations of the City.
“This has been a bipartisan effort with support coming from both sides. We found that people were angered by the fact that they were not allowed a voice in this discussion and that it was merely voted down by the town council. Initially the recommendation came from a bipartisan Charter Revision Commission so many people assumed it would have gotten more consideration. With the assistance of a small army of volunteers, lead by Bristol citizens, Ken Johnson and Craig Yarde, voters will now have a voice.

The success of this petition drive hinged on many factors, most importantly was the effort of all the volunteers. 10% or approximately 3200 signatures of registered voters in Bristol were required to bring this to the people this November. We have easily surpassed that number and will submit over 4300 signatures.

These numbers can be read in many different ways, but what they signify to me is that people want to participate in the process. Whether it is for or against, they want a voice in their government and they want to be heard. We as politicians can no longer base our decisions on the voices of a few well-organized groups, but we must consider all the voters. Practically speaking, there is no better way to do this, then to bring this to the people on the ballot in November.”

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Anonymous said...

What's Art Ward's hack, Therese Pac's next move?

Anonymous said...

I would like to commend and give both Councilman Cockayne and Minor and "A" for effort in this very noble, valiant and time consuming task of rounding up 10% of the registered voters in the City of Bristol to sign this petition. However, there are two issues I wish to point out in this matter. The first isue is that probably 50% of registered voters in this city are local or state union members and this particular question "will not" pass on the ballet in November. Secondly, both of you have most likely effectively eliminated yourselves from ever getting re-elected again by those same individuals. Both of you have effectively terminated your own careers. I know your banking on the fact that there has only been one question in the history of elections in Bristol that has been defeated on the ballet, however, this will be different. In fact, the entire election will now be about this question. You have just made Art Ward stronger and unbeatable. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Johnson Press Release.

Anonymous said...

I support putting this to vote.

I wish they didn't make this press release though. Pac the Hack (That's right, I went there!) will come up with reasons to throw out names and we will be lucky to see this on the ballot in November.

Anonymous said...

Great job by Ken Cockayne, Ken Johnson, Craig Yarde, and Craig Minor.

Anonymous said...

Ken and Ken have just made the job of running as a Republican much more difficult.

And, when the details come out, even more people will be sceptical.

Wasn't thought out very well.

Anonymous said...


That is why Johnson is in it: for the PR

Anonymous said...

"Pac the Hack (That's right, I went there!)"

Sweetheart ~ we had no doubt that you'd go there. Pointing the finger at some else to get the spotlight off your own lackluster performance is pretty much what we've come to expect from this crew.

Anonymous said...

7:38 - if it is like everything else that johnson, minor or cockayne does, it is for PR with the least amount of effort.

Anonymous said...

July 30, 2008 9:05 AM:

Here's one just for you:

Therese Pac "THE POLITICAL HACK" is one of the biggest disgraces in the history of city government.

Her meddling in this affair is so blatantly wrong it amazes me that anyone whould have the gall to comment in support of her antics.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you too ~~ I know that following the rules (or even understanding them) is a foreign concept for the clowns running this particular circus, however, shifting the blame for their clumsy ineptness to Ms Pac is a new low (even for them). Therese is a professional just doing her job. A grown man throwing a full blown temper tantrum at a public meeting ~ now THAT is what I would call "disgraceful." It amazes me that anyone would have the gall to support those kind of juvenile antics!

Anonymous said...

Mother Therese she is not.

There is a lot of room for her to interpret the rules as she see fit. It is more then a coincidence that the rules have changed on the fly arbitrarily and these changes have consistently made the petition process more difficult. Her interpretations, "changes" to the rules are not the same as Dale Clift or the States secretary. She has drawn her own conclusions, which admittedly is her perogative, but to describe her as above all she has been accused of is a joke. She has not done one thing through this entire process to make it easier on any of the petitioners.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Mrs. Pac pointing the problem out early on, the petiioneers would be in deep doo doo.

They should thank her for saving their hides!!!

Anonymous said...

What problem did she point out?

She told them one way was fine, no notary needed, then with 1 week to go, she says "uh you need those notarized". The only problem she pointed out was one that she created on her own to make things more difficult.

She is being a good party person for the Dems and those who are opposed to the COO - the unions! Pac is not beyond reproach with this one, and everyone defending her is blind!

Anonymous said...

The dems are not the only ones opposed to the COO COO: most thinking people are.

If Therese did not make the requirement known when she did, the submissions might not have been acceptable.

She was under no obligation to do so.

Anonymous said...

"She has not done one thing through this entire process to make it easier on any of the petitioners."

Awww, poor wittle petitioners. She should have made it easier for them because they're special! Maybe she should have drawn pictures for them too?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the mayor come out in suppot of Pac?

Either she is following his orders, or she is doing the right thing.

Art owes it to her to set the record straght.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the petitioners come out in support of Ms. Pac? If they were any kind of gentleman, they would offer an apology to Ms. Pac for allowing others to criticize her for doing her job well. They owe it to her to set the record straight ~ That would be a very classy move ~ (so we all know that ain't gonna happen!)

Get rid of Hac said...

August 4, 2008 3:41 PM:

Pac is a disgraceful political hack who tried to do a hatchet job on "the petitioners". She should be fired. That would show class in the name of good government.

Anonymous said...

If she was wrong in her request, why did they not challenge her?

Did they capitulate? Did they acquiese?

Did they turn the other way when bad government was in play.

Then they are equally guilty and have no backbone!

Or maybe she was right.

Anonymous said...

"Pac is a disgraceful political hack who tried to do a hatchet job on "the petitioners". She should be fired."

~ Wow! How incredibly sad that someone could be ridiculed and condemned for doing their job well. Making sure that these gentleman (and I use the term loosely) followed the rules is a part of Ms. Pac's job description. Teaching them the rules, holding their hands and walking them through it is NOT. By making sure that every "i" was dotted and every "t" crossed, she ensured and certified their stupid petition couldn't be challenged at a later date. Once again ~ they owe her a HUGE apology, but it won't happen because these fools have absolutely no class! It's too bad we can't fire them.

Anonymous said...


Maybe we can't "fire" them, but we can make sure we don't "hire" or "rehire" them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they didn't argue with her or expose her incorrect and untrue claims because until she verifies the signatures, she holds all the cards. "No backbone" you say? How's the view from the cheap seats?

Anonymous said...

Prett Weak!!!

Anonymous said...

"Maybe they didn't argue with her or expose her incorrect and untrue claims because until she verifies the signatures, she holds all the cards"

Hey ~ here's a thought! Maybe they didn't argue or expose her because she was right and they were WRONG!

~ as far as backbone goes, you and your buddies are the ones who are definitely backbone-challenged. You all owe Ms. Pac an apology. Oh, and the view from the cheap seats? It's obviously much better than yours. It appears that you can't see the truth, even from the good seats.

Anonymous said...

8:33 am:

What makes you think you know "the truth"? All you know is what you read in the papers and on the blogs.

Pac it in said...

Well it turns out Pac's little stunt was either an exercise in futility or a waste of her (unbecoming) breath.

Anonymous said...

What some people do not seem to understand or accept is the fact that if Mrs. Pac did not question early on, and waited until they were submitted, then there would have beeen no opportunity to get them notarized.

She helped the process move forward.

Anonymous said...

What you fail to understand is she told them they did not need to be notarized when they started, then after they were able to obtain so much support she suddenly switched and required notarization. Dale Clift and the State both said this was not required, but there was room for her to use her own discretion, which she obviously did. Spin it anyway you want. You are losing site of the real point. PEOPLE WANT A SAY ON THIS ISSUE! PLUS - THIS WHOLE THING WAS AN EXERCISE IN FUTILITY B/C THE COUNCIL SHOULD HAVE JUST LET IT GO TO BALLOT FROM THE BEGINNING.

Anonymous said...

"What makes you think you know "the truth"? All you know is what you read in the papers and on the blogs."

Once again, you ASSUME (wrongly). I happen to KNOW Ms. Pac personally. She's a terrific person and her job performance has always been outstanding. You and your pathetic cronies are barking up the wrong tree on this one. She deserves an apology.

Anonymous said...

August 9, 2008 10:58 AM:

Even nice poiple can be mislead (ex: Germany in the 30s and 40s).

Ms Hac does not deserve an apology, she deserves termination.

Anonymous said...

The Germans misled the nice people by brainwashing them, making them incapable of independent thought and unable to see the truth behind their propaganda...kinda like Johnson & company is doing to you.