July 21, 2008

Better test scores tied to higher home values

Here's an interesting CMT analysis by an unusually thoughtful Realtor, Amy Bergquist, who has correlated home prices with test scores for many nearby towns: LINK
Bristol's median house sold for $199,500 during the second quarter, according to Bergquist. As a whole, 62.5 percent of 8th graders in Bristol met goal on the CMTs. With those numbers, you can see where Bristol falls on the spectrum.

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Anonymous said...

No kidding. Sarcasm aside this relationship has been well known and documented for about 50 years. She asks for a regression analysis. I suggest she try reading some of the social science from the 1960s. She can read all the regression analysis she wants. Researchers like Coleman and others at places such as the Universities of Chicago, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. did extensive statistical analysis on essentially the same problem.

Anonymous said...

Logic dictates that a better education system produces better test scores.
ERGO, a better education system produces higher property values.

A win-win situation.