May 20, 2008

Public works "keeping Bristol clean"

Note from public works this morning:

Members of the press:

Recent articles in the news have highlighted residents/business owners who have taken initiative to collect litter in parts of town.

Public Works has crews assigned to litter control and clean up in two areas - downtown Bristol and the Forestville business district. Typically, we have a crew assigned for debris collection on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They address the downtown area first, then move to Forestville center.

While we believe that everyone should take responsibility for keeping Bristol clean, we don't want your readers to believe that Public Works does not participate in this important activity.

Please feel free to photograph the crew doing clean up work during their scheduled times - catch them doing something good! Readers would hopefully appreciate the effort that Public Works is putting into keeping Bristol clean.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Sheree Gorneault
City of Bristol
Public Works Analyst

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the city help those who are doing something to help clean up the city, such as extra pickups etc???

Anonymous said...

Instead of photographing them cleaning up....i say we photograph the people who LITTER, pick up after them, and then deliver the trash back to THIER OWN front lawns!

another Cockayne addict said...

Bristol is in decent shape.

The west end is getting better thanks to Councilman Ken Cockayne.

Keep up the great work Ken!

Anonymous said...

As Forestville goes, so does the city of Bristol...GIVE ME A BREAK!

Anonymous said...

Name one thing Ken Cockayne has done for the West End. All the work was done by Mccauley and Zoppo over the last three years when no one was paying attention. Now its in the spotlight and there is good ole Ken, pushing people out of the way so he can get in front of the camera. He is going to burn out before the next re-election.

Anonymous said...


Well Said!!!

Cockayne addict said...

1) Let's start with Cockayne heroically alerting the police regarding illegal drinking at that west end corner dive-bar.

2)Cockayne is making sure Public Works does their job cleaning up the streets (while McCauley wastes our time with silly innuendo.

3) Controlling city spending and reducing taxes makes it more likely and makes it easier for homeowners to take care of their properties. Ken Cockayne is championing this policy.

Name one thing McCauley has done? I'll tell you what McCauly has done: NOTHING!!!

Go Cockayne Go Cockayne Go Cockayne GO!!

Anonymous said...

Now Cockayne is a hero??? Give me a break...Grandstanding, sucking up and hogging the spotlight are his biggest claims to fame.

GO COCKAYNE, GO COCKAYNE, GO ... somewhere else (and take cockayne addict with you).

Anonymous said...

I noticed the weekend " clean-up " event was successful in keeping the blight nazis from tearing down the Historical Society Headquaters .

Well Done !!!!

Cockayne addict said...

May 20, 2008 7:31 PM:

Who are you? You're very funny. Go guy go!

On another subject...Cockayne is the best thing Bristol has had since Mike Werner (the best mayor in the last 30 years).

Go Cockayne Go Cockayne Go Cockayne GO!!

Anonymous said...

Well said 12:45!

I love how you said the next "re-election". I guess deep down you know that Cockayne is working for the people of his district and the city as a whole and he will get "re-elected" should he run again.

McCauley is a union stooge! He simply does what they want him to do, and if you think he doesn't toot his own horn, you are sadly mistaken. But you know what, actions speak louder than words, and Cockayne is at every meeting on time, front and center when it comes to his district, which is more than can be said for Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should take a picture of the PW guys that don't wear shirts under their safety vests. Yuck! Not an image we want to portray in Bristol!

Anonymous said...

how about a picture of the garbagemen leaving the trash cans to fall all over the place on the street?

Anonymous said...

I've been driving around with a camera on my front seat for ten years trying to catch a public works employee working. No luck yet.

I got a snow plow idling once.

I got one of two parked PW trucks in front of four guys leaning on shovels.

I'll stick it out, one day I'll find one guy working. Probably a new guy who hasn't yet learned the union way.

Anonymous said...

"I've been driving around with a camera on my front seat for ten years trying to catch a public works employee working. No luck yet."

That's odd ~ my street is always plowed and sanded in the winter, swept in the spring, and my garbage is picked up like clockwork...I see union workers everywhere doing their jobs...have you ever considered that maybe you're the one with the problem?

Anonymous said...

Stop it with the sweeping: you are wearing the roads out!