May 4, 2008

Don't miss today's duck race

The weather today is just ducky for the annual duck race in Forestville.
The hoopla begins at noon, with the ducks entering the river at 2 p.m. With the river running high, it will likely prove a pretty short race.
Head on over to Forestville Center and join in a fun community event (but be aware that the bridge is closed and normal traffic patterns disrupted). Handicapped parking is at Ultimate Wireforms on Central Street. Most people park in one of the church or town lots nearby.
Be sure to stop by and say hey to The Tattoo and Youth Journalism Internation at the little booth next to Nuchie's. Make it a point to tell skilled cartoonist Justin Skaradosky to keep up the good work.
You can even support the good work of these young writers by making a donation or buying a baseball cap, magnet, or a postcard featuring one of Justin's cartoons (have him sign it!).
You can always check out The Tattoo online at Youth Journalism International is available at

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah...what a thrill

Call the DEP, there's a bunch of plastic crap floating down the river!

Bob Merrick said...

It was a lot of fun! There were many families there enjoying a good time!

FYI 12:05,

Last week the Forestville Village Association and the Pequabuck Watershed Organization did a litter clean up in and around the river as well as Forestville. This is a positive event for Bristol and much of the money raised benefits the Bristol Chamber of Commerce.

Anonymous said...

Good times!!

Anonymous said...

"This is a positive event for Bristol and much of the money raised benefits the Bristol"

Why does the Chamber of Commerce need "benefits"?

Who said it was a "negative event?

Anonymous said...

"There were many families there enjoying a good time"

Yeah, that's where I spend my Sunday, on the muddy banks of the Pequabuck watching little duckies float down it.

But the best part of all is that we could witness Bob Merrick being "active in his community" right?

What a day!

Anonymous said...

some things are worth repeating:

Anonymous said...
Has Merrick stopped talking yet?

He knocked on my door and wouldn't shut up. He lost my vote about 30 seconds in when he tried to talk me out of my opinions instead of just listening to my concerns.

What a pompous ass!

May 4, 2008 9:35 PM

Todd said...

I was there and shot a few pics with the dslr. Anyone need some editorial shots? I'd be interested in selling them.