May 31, 2008

A mobile home dealer in Florida?

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It appears the Florida developer angling for the right to lead the revitalization of the former downtown mall site may have billed itself as “the one-stop provider of mobile and manufactured homes” in its hometown of Jacksonsville.
“At Heritage Financial Group we are reliable and committed to serving all of your mobile and manufactured home dealer needs,” a mobile home dealers’ website says.
“We strive to offer a high level of service and quality in everything we do,” the advertisement-type website proclaims.
It is not clear if the developer and the mobile home dealer have anything to do with one another. The Jacksonville, Fla.-based Heritage Financial Group, which hopes to win the right to develop the 17-acre former mall site, was the only developer to submit a plan Friday to the Bristol Downtown Development Corp., which aims to choose a firm to lead the revitalization effort by the end of July.
Its conceptual plan includes about 600,000-square-feet of new office, retail space and housing. It also calls for construction of a train station, a dog park, a skating rink, a movie theater and much more.

PS: Nobody's answering the phone there again today.
And for those who are keenly interested, here's the website for the architect that drew up the design
Update at 10:15 a.m. Saturday -
Take a look at this listing on the city of Jacksonville's list of mobile home parks:
Paradise Village Mobile Home (904) 786-6766 10201 W Beaver St Jacksonville, FL
Yes, it's the same address as a company with the same name as Bristol's developer hopeful.
They have an answering machine anyway. Hopefully, someone will call me back.

Another update: The Paradise Valley Mobile Home Community in Jacksonville, Fla. is owned by an Indiana company that has nothing to do with Heritage Financial Group, according to the assessor's records in Duval County, Fla. online here

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Anonymous said...

From Bob Merrick's "blog" (garbage):

"Finally, if this proposal is not viable I'd like to see the site seriously considered as a site for a new school as opposed to acquiring additional property to remove from the grand list. Perhaps we can even recover some of the acquisition costs outlayed in the purchase of the mall or apply them to the city's contribution toward the 30% of the new school construction costs the City of Bristol is required to contribute."

-He writes this after hammering the proposal (to the best of his limiited knowlegde and ability.

-On the other hand I agree that the 17 acre site has no better usage than a new school. Although I don't believe in the new school proposal at all.

Anonymous said...

Uh Oh!

Anonymous said...

Trailer park! Trailer park! Trailer park!

Anonymous said...

At the rate that Ward is going, we will all be living in trailers.