May 2, 2008

Cockayne: Freeze property taxes

Given the hard times facing many taxpayers, freshman Republican city Councilor Ken Cockayne said the city should freeze property taxes this year.
“It’s time for the city to bite the bullet and do what needs to be done,” Cockayne said.
Slicing the proposed $173 million budget enough to keep the mill rate from rising would require chopping about $6.3 million from the spending plan approved recently by the Board of Finance.
The finance panel’s budget would push the mill rate up by 6.5 percent this year, an increase that Mayor Art Ward said is too much.
“We gotta dig deeper,” Ward said, and try to push the mill rate hike lower.
But both Ward and city Comptroller Glenn Klocko said that it’s unrealistic to slash deeply enough to freeze property taxes. Ward called Cockayne’s request “irresponsible.”
Klocko said that trying to freeze property taxes would be the start of “dismantling the city’s finances” and a big mistake.
“A tax freeze is not the right thing to do,” Klocko said.
Though former Mayor Frank Nicastro’s administration froze property taxes for four straight years in the 1990s, city leaders have complained ever since that the failure to keep pace with rising demand put a long-term crimp in Bristol’s ability to pay for programs and equipment that residents expect.
Klocko has long advocated regular, predictable increases in property taxes to allow officials to plan for the future and ensure there’s enough money to cover the bills.
Cockayne said, though, that when times are tough, government has to follow the penny pinching lead of residents who are trying to stretch every dollar.
“The only acceptable increase in taxes is no increase,” Cockayne said. “Right now, we have to take a hard stance and freeze taxes.”
Cockayne said he’s being inundated with pleas from constituents to hold the line. He said he’s seen “families in tears” and older residents fearful that fixed incomes won’t cover the bills.
Off the cuff, Klocko said that if he was told to slice more than $6 million from the finance panel’s budget, he would reduce the allocation for education by $1.5 million, ax every request for equipment and probably dig into the rainy day fund for several million dollars.
“It would be very difficult,” Klocko said, and a potentially ruinous mistake.
Ward said it’s simply impossible for the city to hold the line on taxes when it faces soaring energy costs, wage hikes and other expenses that are rising.
With all that, the mayor said, “we’re supposed to stay the same?”

Coming soon: Would it help to make the GASB 45 change that Klocko and Cockayne advocate?

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Anonymous said...

Cockayne needs a lesson in leadership. He is elected to do the right thing, not bend to every whining taxpayer. If he wants to do the right thing he should be pressuring the mayor to do more than his BS and actually call together the unions and get some concessions.

Anonymous said...

How much is in the "rainy day fund" aka "the overtaxation fund"?

We have been toldthat we need it for our bond rating and emergencies. How much needs to be there? I have heard 5% is enough. Do we have only 5% or is it more?

It is not ok to raise taxes every year! When will we ever reduce taxes? Will we ever see the positive results in our budget with switching to automated dump trucks, or recycling, which is reportedly 2/3 cheaper than standard trash removal? Did we reduce the staff with these changes and lay anyone off?

How about a few years ago, when retirement syphoned off a huge number of older teachers? Wouldn't one believe that replacing 35 teachers at the top of the pay grade with 35 new teachers at the bottom of the pay grade offer significant savings to taxpayers? I don't think we saw the positive results there either.

We keep adding sidwalks all over town. Who the hell is using them? Pretty much no one walks to school anymore and with the new schools coming, no one will be walking to them either. If kids walked to school a little more or to bus stops for that matter, could we maybe cut out a few buses and some of the costs there also?

If taxes go up, then we get all of these new things promised, like the new schools, the new business park, the new downtown, and new businesses and families move in, I sure hope we see a reduction in our taxes, but I am not counting on it. Once government grows it never reduces in size. Bristol is going down the tubes fast.

How can Ward call holding the line on taxes irresponsible? Maybe if we managed our budget better over the last 15 years we wouldn't be in this mess.

How about you help us out Mr. Ward and make the tough decisions that people have been ducking for years? Build our case against Rosenthal. Everyone on the council has intimated for years that he is a total buffoon who has hurt us dearly time and time again. Do the right thing with the GASB 45. It is a no brainer. The union will keep putting out their talking points against it, but they do not have a leg to stand on, and all the financial people know it. Don't cave into them. Finally, hold the line! Do whatever it takes, but hold the line!

Steve Collins said...

The undesignated reserve fund -- or rainy day fund -- has $17 million in it. The city policy is to try to have it total 10 percent of the overall budget, which is a pretty healthy number.
When the fund gets more money in it, the city uses the excess to pay for needed equipment.
The trouble with using it for an operating budget is that next year, the city would still need the same money but it wouldn't be able to raid the reserve again. So, for example, if the city took $2 million from the rainy day fund this year to lower the mill rate, it would start off next year $2 million in the hole. That would be dumb by anyone's definition.
In addition, one reason the city has a solid bond rating is that it has a large rainy day fund. That translates into real savings every time the city borrows money, which it does all the time. Considering that officials are planning to build two new schools, this doesn't seem an opportune time to risk taking a step that could mean a lower bond rating and higher borrowing costs.

Anonymous said...

I think Cockayne is doing the right thing. Everyone knows the unions hate him. That's because he is dangerous to them. He won't take their money and has never tried to gain their endorsement. GASB 45? Requesting ethics rulings on Ward, McCauley and Nicastro? the COO? Putting in the paper that the unions hold this city hostage?

Go Cockayne! He is the only one standing up for the taxpayers of Bristol.

Anonymous said...

A Republican asking for taxes to be held? Why I have never heard of such a thing! He must be catering to the wishes of the taxpayers! How ridiculous and irresponsible! How dare he fight for what his constituents want!

Anonymous said...

Shades of Frank Longo!!!

Anonymous said...

Ken is an irresponsible PANDERER!

Anonymous said...

I don't see how raiding the various pension funds for GASB 45 is responsible government. The pension funds are invested in the stock market which is mostly losing value these days and there is the possibility of a crash. Not the sort that happened in 1929 but close. So, if that happens and the pension fund surplus is depleted the City will be in big trouble. Not only that, but currently the City does not contribute into the Fire or Police pensions by agreement with those unions. If they are depleted then the city will have to start contributing again...a major cost. Balancing the budget on the backs of city workers, the majority of whom also pay taxes to the City is not responsible government.

If Cockayne wants union concessions so badly then why doesn't he and the rest of the council turn back the pay they receive for being on the council??? The Mayor and Klocko could accept less pay too!

Anonymous said...


Good explanation!

Also, by using that money you reduce interest income in subsequent years, thereby compounding the problem.

Ken is an example of a ill informed individual, who is roiling the waters rather than working to solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

At least Cockayne has told us the dollar figure by which he wants to cut the budget. Ward has merely whined about the 6.5%, with specific amount. Who's showing more leadership?

Anonymous said...

I might not agree with Cockayne as a fellow Republican - but we should have a very modest raise in the Mill - but and a big but is that the Mayor is looking very carefully at what the city should already be cutting for the next budget. It also brings up a solid question about the folks in town that do not have kids in school and are being taxed at the higher Mill with no kids in school. I understand I get fire and police services and they are great - but my taxes should be lower with no kids in school - the seniors taxes are lower - why not someone without any kids?

Anonymous said...

Won't be long now....

Soon the Union Hacks will be posting!! Don't worry. Ward will protect you!

Anonymous said...

This is just a political effort to make mayor ward look bad even before he has a chance to work with department heads.

Is this part of the republican strategy for 2009, get elected at the expense of the city?

Anonymous said...

While this call for a freeze may be extreme at least we have some of our elected officals calling for a cut in spending and tax relief for Bristol tax payers. We have now heard from the mayor and councilman Cockayne. It woud be interesting to hear from the other council members.

Anonymous said...

Did Visconti whisper this in Kens ear?

What a pair!

Anonymous said...

Didn't he learn anything from Nicastro's fiasco???? Talk about grandstanding! Cockayne hasn't got a clue...

Cockayne Addict said...

"... is an irresponsible PANDERER"

NO, that would be the Dem-o-rats. They have been pandering to the city public employee unions for the last 30 years.


Anonymous said...

What is the maximum amount I can contribute to this guys campaign next year?

I have $250 for you Ken. Great job so far!!

Anonymous said...

I wish all the more that Stortz had run again last year.

Anonymous said...

We need a shakeup on the Board of Finance: Ward should start on that right away!

Anonymous said...

Cocakayne addict must be smoking some of the other kind...

Cockayne's tax freeze would put Bristol in a financial ice age.

Anonymous said...

Why do people always assume it is perfectly acceptable to raise taxes every year?

Cockayne has my vote for any office.

Anonymous said...

Ken, you are living in a dream world.
All you are doing is hurting Bristol in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Thanks for the explanation on the rainy day fund. It was very clear.
So, if our operating budget was less, then the 10% would be less. For instance if we cut the budget to $165 million, then we would really only need to have $16.5 million in the rainy day fund, meaning we could tap into it for at least $500,000. Add in the extra money that is already included in the budget every year (The surplus that we have seen articles about in the past that Klocko was concerned was shrinking dramatically), and perhaps we can get $1.5 million.

All of this assumes that the city can do what everyone else in America is doing, cutting back and getting everything possible out of every dollar.

Anonymous said...

Whenever tax cuts are discussed , the media and most politicians use the phrase, “cost to government.” “How much will this tax cut cost the government?” we are asked, as though some crime is being contemplated when we consider reducing taxes. The American people have every right to fund the government at whatever level they deem acceptable, and if they choose-- through their elected representatives-- to reduce that funding level, they are not somehow injuring the government. If Congresses passes a new law that results in you paying $1000 less in taxes next year, have you taken something from the government that rightfully belongs to it? Or has the government simply taken less from you?

You don’t cost the government money, the government costs you money!

Of course it’s reasonable to demand that politicians cut spending when they cut taxes. That’s the definition of real fiscal conservatism: government should not take too much from the private economy in taxes, but neither should it spend too much and run up deficits.

I reject the notion that tax cuts harm the economy. The economy suffers when government takes money from your paycheck that you otherwise would spend, save, or invest. Taxes never create prosperity. Private-sector innovation and productivity are the engines that drive our economy, regardless of what politicians tell us.

- Ron Paul

Odin said...

"This is just a political effort to make mayor ward look bad even before he has a chance to work with department heads."

What are you talking about? Ward had the past several months to find's called the budget process. It was HIS BUDGET that the Board of Finance approved after conducted lengthy hearings. Now, all of a sudden, it's too big? You wanted the job, Art, now suck it up and do it.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Cockayne isn't getting information BEFORE he opens his yap.

There is a lot of help out there Ken, why not utilize it?

Anonymous said...

Hey McCauley, isn't it about time for a vote of No Confidence?

Anonymous said...

I don't think freezing taxes is the answer. Frank got us into a big hole when he did that. However, something drastic needs to be done.

Rising costs affect the City as well as the individual taxpayer. No one can change that. What the City needs to do is decrease their costs, which means down sizing, layoffs and early retirement incentives. It also means eliminating the unnecessary expenses and "toys" in the budget.

Suck it up for another year just like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I would support a vote of no confidence for McCauley.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can’t even believe you bring up the word union and you get lambasted!! How dare you sit here and write on this board and tell tax payers that the city doesn’t deserve concessions from the unions. That they are entitled to 100% paid insurance and pension increases even after they retire!! What bizzaro world do you live in?

Line up 10 random people in a supermarket here in town and ask them if they get 100% paid insurance, ask them if they even get a pension or if they are retired ask them if they ever have gotten a cost of living pension increases. Hell line up 100 and see what you get

I don’t understand how a union pushes an agenda that hurts the business (which in this case is the city of Bristol) to a point were it becomes everyone else’s responsibility to pick up the slack to satisfy their coffers. In this case higher taxes.

This is the reason why over 100,000 union workers were bought out at Auto plants this year. Why at this moment they are trying to get rid of all union works so ford, chevy and so on can try to compete in the world.

We should be following their lead and buying out and not renegotiating new union contracts for this city. We don’t need unions to give fair wages and no one, no one should be getting 100% paid full insurance at the current price for insurance these days. Further more, the city is not in the business in making money, we are not a corporation. This city is in the business to make sure the services the tax payers need or want are there. Which means there should be no pensions for any city employee. Pensions are for corporations that are sharing their huge profits with employees later when their gone. Again we don’t make HUGE PROFITS!! WE SHOULDN’T MAKE ANY PROFITS!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that people talk at the supermarkets, people post on the Blogs, but DO NOTHING at election time.
However, the union membership DOES work at election time, and do get their people elected, in Bristol, in Hartford.
Check right here in Bristol: those that were not in favor with the unions generally did not do well, those that he unions liked, did do well.

Good example: in 2006 clearly it was the Police Union that got Burns elected: not Burns, not his family, but the Police Union, if not for economic reasons, that made the difference.

And it will not change until people vote on election day the way they "talk" all year!

Anonymous said...

Guess that union job fell through, huh 2:57?

Anonymous said...

"Guess that union job fell through, huh 2:57?"

Maybe, but he's still correct. What's your point?

This is a private sector economy we all live and have lived in since 1620 (and before), not a government sector economy.

Anonymous said...

2:57 I agree.. Teachers, Public works, Water department and other non emergency workers should not receive a pension or 100% paid insurance. The only sectors that should receive some pension are fire and police since these departments are jobs the majority of people do not want to do and are hard to fill.

There are 1000’s of collage grads looking to be a teacher every year, Bristol alone gets 100’s of resumes every year. Ask them to give the numbers of people wanting to become a Bristol teacher every year. You’d be amazed.

You saying that laid off construction workers, skilled electricians, laborers and others in the field of construction wouldn’t want a 40 hour YEARLY job. You trying to tell me you can’t get great workers without giving them a pension and 100% health insurance? These same people are working now in the private sector with no health insurance (or very little) and absolutely no pensions.

Please this is getting ridiculous.. Ward we want concessions and we want unions out of the city!!!

Anonymous said...

GASB 45 - Cockayne is right on!

He is the only one offering solutions.

Cockayne for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

May 3, 2008 7:05 PM et al:

Where were you all in 1998 when I was saying the same things, writing letters, getting quoted in the paper and getting my own party?

Now it even sounds like Ward is sceptical the breakfast program.

I'm glad I'm out of this garbage. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

7:05 If you want concessions why don't you say what they should be? Or are you just another big mouth that wants to cut anybody but you? Just another political big mouth.

Bob Merrick said...


Why don't you investigate the facts? Teachers have never received lifetime health care benefits. They pay 100% of their health care insurance once they retire. They also pay toward their health care while employed and co-pays when they go to the doctor.

The insurance the teachers receive is similar to plans offered by many private employers. It is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO.

Spreading misinformation does nothing but fuel unjustified jealousy and anger.

Steve, how about providing the facts when people go off on factually inaccurate rants?

Another good place to provide some valuable information would be on the GASB 45issue.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many of the people on this blog are anxious to eliminate pensions and benefits for their fellow citizens as if a reduced standard of living is the path we all should be taking.

Does everyone want to travel the path of a society filled with Walmart salaries, poor healthcare coverage, and a reduced standard of living to compete with former 3rd world nations selling us a bunch of disposable junk?

I personally don't think of driving the standard of living of the majority of Americans down to 3rd world levels as progress.

Steve Collins said...

Bob, I have no choice but to rely on people like you to correct most factual errors here. I already spend too many of my 40 hours a week doing this blog!

Anonymous said...

The misinformation on the GASB 45 issue is being spread by the unions.

Anonymous said...

If Cockayne is serious, and not just interested in getting headlines, he will make a motion at the next City Council meeting to do t he is suggesting.

Either he gets a second, or he doesn't. Either it gets approved or it doesn't.

Then we can see where all the officials stand!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to be Ken Cockayne: Single, Rich, position of power, has all the answers (He thinks).

Where does he go from here?

Anonymous said...

Ken: How do we pay for the COO if we freeze taxes?

a bristol fiscal conservative said...

When is Bob Merrick suddenly the expert on everything? I'm not sure about the health insurance question but I would NOT take Merrick's word as bible.

I can tell you this: the teachers get 70% of their final years salary until the day either they or their spuses die. That's a pretty nice bennie courtesy of the tax payers.

Now I know Merrick (from East Hartford) will chime in and dispute everything I say with some little snippy critiques. But don't dare criticise the teachers! Oh no, they're even higher up then doctors or lawyers. And if you don't believe that they'll sentence your kid to a lifetime of mediocracy.

Watch what you say!

Cockayne Addict said...

I wouldn't label Ken Cockayne as rich.

I'll bet the government class like Nicastro (minus his three divorces), the Wards, the Stortz's, school administrators, department heads, teachers like Bob Merrick, etc., etc., are living just as, if not more secure than Ken.

Anonymous said...

To who said “It's amazing how many of the people on this blog are anxious to eliminate pensions and benefits for their fellow citizens as if a reduced standard of living is the path we all should be taking.”

That is the most ridiculous statement I ever heard!! I’m a fellow citizen working at The Hartford and I don’t get a pension or full healthcare so maybe the city should set one up for me since I’m a “citizen of Bristol” I have to save in my 401k for myself and live within my means.. Wow what a crazy world huh? A collage grad working a white collar job with no pension. This must be Mother Russia!

You also said, “Does everyone want to travel the path of a society filled with Walmart salaries, poor healthcare coverage, and a reduced standard of living to compete with former 3rd world nations selling us a bunch of disposable junk?”

You answer the question of unions ruining this country. Like someone said above about the Auto sector. Ford and Chevy buying out union contracts to force them to retire so they don’t have to pay someone $20 a hour to sweep the floor or $40 an hour to run a machine that does the work. You can’t compete with 3rd world countries if unions feel if a company makes a $1 profit the workers should get $1.30 back.

And who ever said companies or the city owes you health care or a pension? The city doesn’t owe you anything! No company owes you anything other then a paycheck for a honest days work. After that it’s just gravy. Should the Hartford also pay for my car insurance, home insurance and subsidize my mortgage?

Back in the 60’s and 70’s when this country had money coming out of it ass and it corporations were making a killing, they started to pay for healthcare and make pensions in order to compete for workers in a small workforce environment. Reason being is because the country was growing so fast there weren’t enough workers to go around, so they made these “perks” to help attract and retain workers. There is no law that states an employer has to give you health insurance or give you a pension. So people yelling they are entitled are ridiculous. Times are tuff and I’d rather cut a couple of hundred pensions and free health care for the good of 63,000 citizens. Just like The Hartford will lay off hundreds of people every couple of years to make it’s self more competitive.

Anonymous said...

May 4, 2008 9:36 AM:


"7:05" wasn't stating a fact (right or wrong) he's stating his/her opinion. He said they shouldn't get 100% paid insurance. Do you have a guilty conscience or something?

I don't agree with him on everything he says such as I believe people are very interested in police, fire and emergency work just as they are in teaching. They do get "generous benefits*" you know.

*quoted from City of Bristol website

Please don't try knit-picking over percentage or technical errors in people's statements. It's belong someone who wishes to represent the people. It sounds like you're representing the public scool teachers solely.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

poster 10:48

Do you know Ken? I dont think so!

As for rich! I bet he wishes he was! He's a single father, living in a everyday middle class neighborhood! Has been dating the same woman for a long time. I believe over 5 years or so!

I also know he's self employed which means for all you union hacks, he pays his own health insurance and has no pension given to him!

But you wouldn't know that because I'm willing to bet you haven't even talked to him to find that out!

Cockayne, where do I send your next campaign contribution?
Keep it up Cockayne! You've got the unions scared!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Merrick,

Go away! No one cares what you have to say! Your condescending and think you know everything. How's the Linconian party going? How many members? 1!!

Anonymous said...

3:36, Ah shucks mom, cut it out. It's getting embarrassing!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Cockayne Addict said...

May 4, 2008 3:36 PM:

You got it!

Anonymous said...

Has Merrick stopped talking yet?

He knocked on my door and wouldn't shut up. He lost my vote about 30 seconds in when he tried to talk me out of my opinions instead of just listening to my concerns.

What a pompous ass!

Anonymous said...

May 4, 2008 9:35 PM:

Of course you undersatnd that he's much smarter than you.

"What a pompous ass!"

Or just plain nuts.

Glenn Klocko said...

Hey Steve...had a moment before the fight...tough but entertaining blog crowd. Between GASB,the budget, pensions, unions, administration comments, department heads on the choping block, and on and on, many interesting points of view to keep you busy for some time. Oh...a different boxing match has started De La Hoya v. Forbes on HBO...see ya. All you bloggers...fight on!!!

Anonymous said...

Klocko: only you rich b______s and the welfare moms get HBO.

Anonymous said...

excuse me I mean mediocrity.

Anonymous said...


...of course you will mom!

Anonymous said...

Ken is a NATO type person....
No Action, Talk Only.

Cockayne Addict said...

May 5, 2008 4:20 PM:

First of all you're wrong.

But "no action" in regards to reckless spending resulting in higher taxes is a good thing.

Go Cockyane, Go Cockayne, Go Cockayne GO!!!

Anonymous said...

"Go Cockayne, Go Cockayne, GO"...and don't come back.

cseguin said...

(I'm probably going to get ripped for this, but here goes...)

I can understand having issue with the way city officials form policy and make decisions on things such as taxes, zoning, blight issues, and the like. I can certainly understand being upset about these decisions, being angry at the way some of the decisions are made.

However, I really don't understand the nasty personal attacks that are directed at city officials on this board. Yes, they're public figures, but they are also people's fathers, sons, daughters, etc. The anonymous personal attacks that pop up under many of these posts go too far.

Can't we seperate the political problems from personal issues?

Anonymous said...

May 6, 2008 10:26 AM

Hey collin ...... It can be difficult to NOT get personal when you observe the illegal actions occuring all around the city @ the hands of the leadership of Bristol .

The anonymous feature of the site allows a place to vent w/o recriminations from those that merely need one phone call to have your home removed w/o public notice or court action .

When political actions have such a detremental effect on personal lives it can be extremely difficult to seperate them .

My guess is that as long as the political element skirts the law and continues it's attack on the taxpayers of Bristol you can expect to see the personal attacks continue .

Who knows ...... having this site available to vent anonymously may actually extend the lives of the criminals in charge .

Anonymous said...


NO ACTION by Cockayne means that the others prevail and taxes do go up.
Ken can moan, complain, blame others, but so far he has not come up with one suggestion to improve the situation.

Not the role that a "leader" should be playing.

Anonymous said...

Forcing the GASB 45 issue and supporting a COO and petitioning for a referendum for the COO if necessary are two pretty concrete examples of actions. Some may not agree with the COO, but he clearly believes it will save us tax money in the long haul, and the GASB 45 issue seems pretty clear also.

Calling out councilmen who have a conflict of interest in regards to these issues will keep them honest too. He has taken more action in his first 6 months then the entire council put together. He is out front talking to the people and advocating for them. No one else is.

Riding that train....

Anonymous said...

Cockayne did not initiate the COO?Town Manager issue, nor did he initiate the GASB issue.Both were being discussed before he ran, and I do not recall him mentioning GASB during his campaign.

In either case, he has not brought about either resolution.

I will be interetsted to see how he fares with any referendum.

Anonymous said...

"Ridin that train"...

Right off the tracks if Kenny is the engineer...

Anonymous said...

Its great to have someone like Ken Cockayne working for the people of Bristol. He has my vote next term.

Anonymous said...

Well 12:44 - that makes one!

Anonymous said...

I hear alot of people whining about Ken trying to stop our taxes from raising, but if and when they do, I'm sure the ones whining right now will all be the ones whining when your taxes go up when someone like Ken was trying to help the taxpayers. At least he is trying to do something about it. GO KEN !!

Anonymous said...

Kenny is working for Kenny! PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Ken's trying to help the taxpayers??? Ken doesn't even know which end is up never mind have a clue about what's good for Bristol. Maybe a little more time listening and learning, and a lot less time grandstanding would do him some good.

Anonymous said...

I am a taxpayer and I am all for Ken. Its about time we have someone in office trying to help the taxpayers. If my taxes can be lowered or not have them raise, then I'm for it. Thanks Ken for working for the people. We need you.

Anonymous said...

The union needs to go!!!! They are costing our city too much money. 100% paid health insurance, pension, and cost of living increase of pension. Thats insane.

Anonymous said...

Most city employees pay into their health coverage and if Ward does his job, all will when he is finished negotiating current contracts.

The union workers did pay into the pension fund (some still do), but it is illogical to keep putting money in when is aoverfunded.

Your ELECTED OFFICIALS are the ones that will approve an increase in teh pension, NOT the workers.

Anonymous said...

Well, then Cockayne was right. Ward, McCauley and Nicastro should not be voting on this stuff, its a conflict of interest when their spouse or themself are in the union and can benefit from an increase. Of course they would vote yes...That's part of the problem right there....Doesn't anyone see thats a problem. Cockayne was right to go to the ethnic's board. City employee's making city decisions is definitely a conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Cockayne start the cost cutting last November? The Council was given a heads: why wasn't anything done then?

Of course, it wouldn't have made headlines, but surely Cockayne isn't looking for headlines, is he?

Or isn't he!

Anonymous said...

I don't see Klocko providing any meaningful information.

How are we supposed to get the facts?