May 31, 2008

Legrand talks real estate

Here's Ron Legrand talking real estate...

Here's a link to some kind of fake news story about Legrand, in which you can see him at home.

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with this man. I like him already.

What's unfortunate is that this type of "deal maker" is all that is interested in the mall property after the tax payers have been forced (by buffoons) to give up $6 million.

The only other thing to understand is that the real estate mrket is in a horrible slump right now as is the economy in general. It might pick a couple of years.

Until then I thing the city should sit tight, own up to it's mistakes and do what's best for the citizens.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how come a guy who's made his money "teaching" people how to get rich quick by flipping real estate could possibly be considered the right developer for Bristol's downtown.

Anonymous said...

He is being considered because he is the only one who responded. That, unfortunately, speaks volumes about the prospects of downtown.

Anonymous said...

This gentleman is exactly the kind of guy we need. He has experience in the business sector and knows the ins and outs of real estate. We need this kind of fresh perspective in Bristol.

Anonymous said...

June 1, 2008 11:34 PM:

Interesting prospective, unfortunately I don't think the people of Bristol will ever be happy with this guy.

Carpenter's not interested. What do you expect? Cigna's been trying to get out of there for years. That whole New Departure complex on N. Main is a loser. You want the guy to squander all his money?

My prediction is this. The 17 acres will reamin an empty lot for years until the economy picks up. Then people will be hungry for something and they'll forget the wasted $6 million. Something like Cootch-a-mantis' plan will end up going there anyway.