May 9, 2008

Chief operating officer post rejected

In a 5-2 vote, the City Council Friday urged the Charter Revision Commission to kill its proposal to create a chief operating officer position.
Only two councilors, Craig Minor and Ken Cockayne, backed the new position.
It appears likely, though, that a petition drive will take place in June and early July to try to get the suggested change on the ballot anyway.
To pull it off, supporters will need to convince about 3,100 registered voters to sign petitions calling for the public vote.
The council also rejected a proposal to make the part-time city treasurer an appointed position rather than an elected one.
Details to follow.

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Anonymous said...

What made Minor change his mind? I would like to see the final revised version of the position description and requirements.

Steve Collins said...

I'll try to put links on here later, but I believe the draft report that I posted a month or so ago has the same provisions for the COO as the final report.
Minor, by the way, said a couple of weeks ago he would back the COO position.

city worker said...

thank God for Art Ward

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that Minor wanted to see changes made to the position description and hiring requirements before he agreed to it. I must have missed those changes.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that two Zoppo supporters supported the COO concept.

Anonymous said...

Why not change ??? The system we have is BROKEN !! We vote the people in and then they do what they want not what the people want.

COO is looking a lot better system for a stable and predictable government. It also could put more power back into the citizens hands by voting on big ticket items and city projects.

This is why our council members are flip floping on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Where does it say that the people will vote on various items?

The COO is nothing more than a overpaid staff person.

Anonymous said...

"We vote the people in and then they do what they want not what the people want."

What makes you think a COO will do what the people want? What happens then?

Our system isn't broken, despite what a few hacks want us to believe.

Anonymous said...

Another setback for you naysaying republicans !! Your way or the highway right ?

Anonymous said...

"The COO is nothing more than a overpaid staff person."

Yeah, and the mayor is nothing more than an overpaid politician. Your point is...?

Anonymous said...

Then why have both?

And the people can get rid of the mayor, but the people would not be able to get rid of a COO.