May 21, 2008

City urges governor to sign healthcare bill

Press release from Mayor Art Ward:

Mayor Ward, Employers, Workers, Urge Governor to Sign the
Healthcare Partnership Bill Berlin, CT

Bristol, CT, May 21, 2008 —— On Thursday, May 22 at 12 noon, local leaders, including Bristol Mayor Art Ward, will urge Governor Jodi Rell to sign HB 5536, Connecticut Health Care Partnership Bill. “This bill makes good economic sense and needs to be signed into law,” Ward said.

The Healthcare Partnership Bill would open up the state employee health insurance pool to municipalities, non-profits and small businesses. Connecticut would be the first to open up to the private sector.

Because health care costs would be cheaper, small businesses and non-profits would be able to retain and hire more employees. For municipalities, the bill has the potential to save tax dollars on expensive health plans and alleviate pressure to cut back on community services.

Who: Local Leaders

What: Press Conference to Urge Governor’s Signature on Health Care Partnership Bill

When: Thursday, May 22nd at 12 Noon

Where:111 North Main Street, City Council Chambers

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the geek said...

It may be a good idea to let businesses into a big pool in order to help them provide affordable health insurance.

I'm afraid this might be a "slippery slope" leading to government single payer healthcare for everyone which will lead to higher taxes and very possibly a less business friendly state.

On the other hand the soaring cost of health care is extremely detrimental to the success of any small and even mid-size buiness.

An even greater concern is the education industry's failure to promote and build a labor pool to fill production and engineering positions in these small to mid size businesses that are a vital part of our local economy.

Anonymous said...

The bill awaits Governor Rell's signature. Under pressure from the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, she has already threaten to veto this critical legislation. (The CBIA offers a plan of its own to businesses, which may not fare well in a more competitive market.)

Urge Governor Rell to do the right thing and sign the bill.

Whether they are municipal workers or employees of non-profits or small businesses, Connecticut residents deserve access to the same quality, affordable healthcare available to state employees.

We all deserve the governor's healthcare plan!

Call Governor Rell's office at 860-566-4840. Urge her to sign the bill.

Anonymous said...

Let the union folk join with Connecticut WORKERS and kick in to pay for their health insurance .

Taxpayers would save MILLIONS of dollars if the teachers / public employees joined the WORKERS in this effort .

Anonymous said...

Once the government gets into something, watch out!

Anonymous said...

Couple of comments on this issue-initial participation is a permissive subject of collective bargaining and exiting mandatory subject of collective bargaining. Thus, it may tie a municipality's hands unduly-so one should tread carefully on this issue. 2.) believe the benefit package is more liberal than many municipality plans so the anticipated savings may not be realized. 3) Once these groups are added to the State the pools actuarial rates may increase thus, again, it may not be a savings.

as an aside how can the legislature pass a bill without knowing the consequences actuarially! How can one vote for passage without the complete set of information

This bill may appear to be a panacea but I think not!

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding. Anthem BC says to reopen their contracts to allow others to join the state pool would cost at least $24 million.

What private employer or not-for-profit could afford to give their employees gold plated, five star coverage with $6.00 doctor visits and $3.00 presciptions? NONE!

Besides, each employer group wishing to join would get underwritten and priced based on their own employee census. This is not a good deal.

Once again Artie is cowtowing to the union boys and the ultra-libs in Hartford.

Rep. Donovan said New Haven would save $14 million under this plan. New Haven estimaed their costs would actually increase by 1.04 percent.

This plan is a time bomb waiting to explode and we all will pay for the folly.

Geek said...

"The CBIA offers a plan of its own to businesses, which may not fare well in a more competitive market"

Ewww, bad point by you. I'll trust the CBIA's policy regarding a "competitive market" over the government's any day.

Anonymous said...

A solution for all problems: easy, simple and wrong!

geek said...

What we have here unfortunately is an example of a governor being forced to be reactive rather than being proactive.

Never let the Democrats write the healthcare law, especially when they bring business into the mix. Mass. Gov. Mit Romney handled the health insurance issue a couple of years ago in Massachusetts. What's the Rell administration been doing?

Time for Governor Bill Hamzy!