August 27, 2007

Ward responds to Johnson

Democratic mayoral hopeful Art Ward sent along this response to Republican mayoral contender Ken Johnson's comments over the weekend:

I am not completely surprised at Mr. Johnson's revised press release due to his demonstrated indecivedness in other areas as well.
Mr. Johnson would better serve the citizens of Bristol if he took the time to become fully versed in the issues before haphazardly ranting opinions in order to obtain press coverage.
My suggestion to the BDDC to suspend further action until after the November elections was to avoid entering into any costly long term contracts which might hamper the direction of a new administration in the next two years and, ultimately, prove costly to the taxpayers of this community.
When our city government becomes mired in only one mindset, as Mr. Johnson seems to prefer, progress will become stagnated and we will become regressive instead of progressive.
Upon review of the events leading up to the creation of the BDDC, I don't recall Mr. Johnson's presence or input contributing to the process but now he wants to have everyone believe that his crystal ball will dictate the future of our city?
Mr. Johnson has yet to expound on this or any other issue with any definitive measures or solutions so are we to surmize that he has none?

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Anonymous said...

Well said Art.

Anonymous said...

Donna...Good reply

amarko55 said...

Johnson's comments reflect his lack of knowledge about Bristol city government and the hard work that has been done during the last few years.

Anonymous said...

I (Ma Reynolds) was the one who said, "Well said Art." So much for your "know it all comment."

Didn't think I had to post a name in order to say something nice, but I do see you DIDN'T post your name, coward!

Anonymous said...

It would be great to see all the candidates for mayor expound on this or any other issues brought up by the public with definitive measures or solutions" so that we the voters could decide on the best candidate.

A candidate debate would be the perfect forum to express ideas and inform the public.

Isn't time that the public be brought into this process?

Anonymous said...

who cares what either of these clowns says......

ellen will get the job done as bristol's next mayor!!!

-billy from bristol

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming "Billy (Wolfe) from Bristol!"

Anonymous said...

Ellen only works for Ellen and dam the taxpayers. Its her major projects without the concern for those who have to pay for them.
Already she has promised appointments on the finance board, park board and Roberts, and Minor & McCauley agreed to appoint people she wanted - why? "Her way or no Way."

Anonymous said...

Art should get a spellchecker on his computer.

Anonymous said...

Again, it would be great to see all three of the candidates for mayor gather to debate the issues so that the voters could decide on the best candidate and form their own opinions.

A public debate would be the forum to express ideas and inform the public on plans, positions, etc.

Let's bring the general public into this process?

Anonymous said...

I am under the impression that once the voters decide who the candidates for mayor will be, forums will be in order.

Anonymous said...

Arent' the candidates for mayor --
Ellen Zoppo, Art Ward and Ken Johnson?

I'd love to see these folks debate and maybe even talk about real issues.