August 30, 2010

Voting machinesworked just fine

A state-ordered audit Monday of voting machines in two precincts found no discrepancies between the machine count and the paper ballots used in the August 10 primary.

The precincts at Stafford School and Chippens Hill Middle School were among those randomly picked by the secretary of state to make sure that electronic scanners used to tally votes worked properly.

The city’s two registrars, Republican Sharon Krawiecki and Democrat Bob Badal, said after counting the paper ballots in the 77D and 78A precincts, the numbers matched what the machines reported at the close of voting on primary day.

Even so, the electronic memory cards from the scanners will be checked by the University of Connecticut to make sure they match both the hand count of paper ballots and the ticker printed out by the machines after the primary.

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