August 29, 2010

5 years after Katrina, a teen's tale of hope and survival stands the test of time

When all is said and done, the piece of journalism first published in The Bristol Press that is most apt to stand the test of time was written 5 years ago today by a teenage girl fleeing Hurricane Katrina. Many of you no doubt read it in the paper -- where it was published by The Tattoo -- but if you didn't see it then, this anniversary is a good time to catch up. Check out this link.
For those who don't know, reporter Jackie Majerus and I run a nonprofit named Youth Journalism International that has introduced hundreds of talented teens in dozens of countries to the world of journalism. The Katrina journal is just one of thousands of stories for which we have helped teens find an audience. We are blessed to have the chance to provide a voice for the next generation to be heard. Every day, it gives us faith in the future.
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Anonymous said...

The media just loves this story. Bush was President when it happened and the media uses it to bash the Republican Party.
The US economy is going down the toilet, we just are supposedly coming out from a disasterous oil spill in the Gulf, Iran is about to have ebnriched uranium but all CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the maintsream TV and print news can talk about is Katrina. Does anyone but I smell a vast LEFT WING conspiracy?