August 31, 2010

Photographs from the Crocodile Club 2010

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Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures...Looked Like A Great Time Had By All!

Anonymous said...

Hey there's Comrades Matthews, Minor and McCauley...all together as one.

Thanks for the info.

McFun-day said...

Hey there's Councilman Kevin "I gots lots of personal days" McCauley! It's nice he can take a personal day to be at the important Crocodile Club while the rest of us work and struggle to pay the taxes that pay his salary.

He'll surely be voting for with the union that protects his job and fights for his generous salary and benefits when it's his turn to vote on the budget.

But the question we must ask is this. Should he be on the city council?

A Proud Democrat said...

9:16PM...McCauley's Didn't Take A Personal Day...He's Out On Workman's Compensation From The Fire Dept., You Ask If he Should Be On The City Council...I and Many Others Wonder If He Should Be A Bristol Firefighter...I Can't Believe The City of Bristol(WC) Would Pay Him & He Gets To Atttend
Political Functions...What If He Got Injured @ Any One of These Functions...Would The City of Bristol Even Question It???...That's Scary For US Taxpayers, And On Top of It, The Word Is Out That He May Run Against Artie(If He Decides To Run Again)For Mayor...It Sounds Like Ellen Zoppo & Her Cronies Are Pulling Those Puppet Strings As ALWAYS...And Kevin Obeys...