August 31, 2010

'The sun always shines on Crocodile Day'

Don't miss reporter Jackie Majerus' blog entry today with the lyrics of Wally Barnes' smash hit from the 1954 Crocodile Club bash at Lake Compounce.
It looks like it's going to be a terrific day again today, with most of the state's political bigshots gathering again beside the lake -- and, thank God, in air conditioned comfort for the first time! And no cigars inside either!
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Anonymous said...

This event has been shanghai-ed by a bunch of jerks.

The Crocodile Club should RIP with the late great J Harwood Norton.

Anonymous said...

just curious, what is your definition of "a bunch of jerks"?

fun, fun, fun said...

9:56 - so we can assume that your absence should pretty much guarantee a great afternoon- what a super festivity.

Anonymous said...

August 31, 2010 9:56 AM

We jerks had a great time and you were not missed at all.

Thank you to the Norton family for allowing us to put this event back on.

Stretch would have been proud of how so many honored his memory.

Anonymous said...

Fun fun bum:

I'll bet you did, while the rest of us worked...on Tuesday.

How lame.

trash talk-trash walk said...

8:23 - what a croc.