August 11, 2010

Larson seeks debates with Brickley

Press release from U.S. Rep. John Larson:


East Hartford, CT –John Larson (CT-1) released the following statement on the results of the 1st Congressional District Republican Primary.

“I congratulate Ann on winning the primary. I look forward to the campaign, and an invigorating discussion of the issues facing the families, veterans, seniors, and small business owners of Connecticut.

We’ve accomplished much - historic legislation reforming Wall Street, ensuing quality affordable health care for all Americans and putting people back to work here in Greater Hartford.  But there is much to be done; rebuilding Connecticut manufacturing by ensuring that we “Make it in America”, and sell it around the world, and by creating clean energy jobs that will help our economy emerge stronger than ever.”  

The Larson Campaign also announced its intention to hold a debate and joint appearances with Brickley.     

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Anonymous said...

Come on! Ann can't discuss the issues! She has no clue what she can do at the Capitol. She's never been there, she doesn't know the players and she doesn't know what is involved in negotiations or who to ask or who to trust...she will lose CT a lot of ground if elected as she takes a term or more to learn what's going on at the Capitol. Now is not the time to lose ground at the Federal level! CT needs the Federal funds which Rell let slip through her fingers! Re-elect Larson; send someone who knows how to negotiate to the Capitol!

Anonymous said...

Larson is the "court jester of the CT delegation". For 12 years he has done nothing for CT or the 1st District that is above and beyond. He is still on the learning curve. Negotiate? Where are the jobs? On Larson's watch unemployment has gone from 4% to south of 10% in CT. If he such a good congressman...leader of the Dem Caucus where are the jobs for CT? He lost the tanker contract for P & W 2 years ago. For 12 years in Congress (long enough) we in CT have gotten very little beyound the usual. His caucus is very disappointed with him as we speak.

Time for a new representitive. Especially someone who has the intelligence to reseach and articulate on any issue. Do not underestimate Ms. Brickley.

Anonymous said...

Brickley? Why? So she had a business...Businesses are failing left and right. BUSINESSES are holding back their profits and are not hiring people. BUSINESSES are the problem. BUSINESSES are just not hiring people. Reports say if BUSINESSES did not hold back their profits and would hire people this economy would turn around AND FAST. So...with BUSINESSES the real culprit behind this slowed recovery why should we elect someone (Ann-THE GREAT BUSINESS WOMAN) who helped cause this continued slowdown? lol. Figure it out, watch the news folks; look at both sides of the story!!! Don’t just listen to a burned out drugged out DJ named Russ!!!

Anonymous said...

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