August 5, 2010

O'Brien stings elections enforcers on dumb ruling

State Rep. Tim O'Brien, a New Britain Democrat, makes a strong case against what appears to be a ridiculous decision by the state Elections Enforcement Commission that would make it a little harder for politicians to use free social networking sites. We should be encouraging politicians to get online and interact with their constituents rather than doing anything that would discourage it.
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Anonymous said...

State Rep. O'Brien is a very smart guy. I went to college with him back in the early 90's. His brain has only gotten sharper with age (and he was pretty impressive back then too).

I hope he runs for mayor of New Britain again in a few years.

Anonymous said...

No, we wouldn't want to discourage Tommy C. from putting his comments on here! LOL

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you? People were not happy with "special interest" funding campaigns, now they are not happy with Gov. Rell’s idea to have the taxpayers fund campaigns! (Well maybe she did trick some people with that campaign “promise”) Who the heck do you want to fund campaigns? Rich millionaires are the only ones left who can run for office and pay for their own campaigns and we all know how much the rich care for the poor...they could care less about the working poor and their struggles.
As for Tom C., he’s always been “One of Us” and not someone who can buy the “Carpenter Estate”.