August 11, 2010

Tom Foley's victory speech in Rocky Hill last night

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Anonymous said...

Somehow the Republicans managed to push, wangle and manipulate a liar (Foley says he forgot he spent the night in jail for assault with a motor vehicle? NO ONE forgets a night in jail!!) in a position where we have another (exceedingly rich) crook positioned to BUY a state office. What? People we can’t let this go on! Get rid of this liar (and a filthy rich liar) running for office. What people complain about most (crooked politicians) is what we have chosen to run for Governor? But money talks as Linda McMahon used her personal finances also to assure herself of a victory. If you elect these rich unscrupulous business people to office their loyalties will be to only the RICH and not the working families of this state!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey...5:31...your venom is worse then your are obviously a union hack or a high school drop out. Both Maloy and Foley will make there case to lead the state as will McMahon against "Viet Nam NOT veteran" Blummy...which is a sin, a lie and should be a crime to mis represent veteran status. If you are so high and run...let the media pick through your past they would find some pretty ugly stuff.

Anonymous said...

Steve how can you let garbagefrom the 5:31 poster on this blogg?