August 9, 2010

Tuesday's primary - Who's on the ballot in Bristol?

In Bristol, there is only one local primary – two Democrats are battling to become a registrar -- but the state’s trove of registered voters has attracted the attention of nearly every major candidate scrambling along the campaign trail.
Democrats face a number of tough choices in hard-fought races.
In the local showdown, city Democratic Party leader Elliott Nelson got his party’s endorsement to succeed Bob Badal as one of the city’s two registrars.
Mary Rydingsward challenged him because, she said, the office needs someone who wants to bring professionalism rather than patronage to the $47,000-a-year position.
But there are plenty of other races on the ballotl.
In addition to choosing a registrar, Democrats will also pick a gubernatorial candidate.
Former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy and businessman Ned Lamont are locked in a tight race for the party’s backing.
For lieutenant governor, state Comptroller Nancy Wyman and Simsbury’s leader, Mary Glassman, are facing off. Wyman is Malloy’s running mate. Lamont picked Glassman.
For secretary of state, Democrats must choose between two state lawmakers: Denise Merrill and Gerry Garcia.
For comptroller, Kevin Lembo, the state’s health care advocate, is battling with Waterbury Mayor Michael Jarjura.
Republicans have a plethora of picks to make as well.
In the 1st congressional district, Wethersfield engineer and consultant Ann Brickley squares off against Mark Zydanowicz, a West Hartford dairy executive.
For governor, the GOP has to pick from among former Ambassador Tom Foley, Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele and Oz Griebel, the head of the MetroHartford Alliance.
Two Republicans are seeking the lieutenant governor’s post, entrepreneur Lisa Wilson-Foley and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.
In the U.S. Senate race, former World Wrestling Federation CEO Linda McMahon got the party’s endorsement in a bitter three-way contest. But two men, former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons and broker Peter Schiff are challenging her.
In the attorney general’s race, Martha Dean, the endorsed candidate, is locked in a tough battle with Ross Garber. Both are lawyers.
For voters in Plymouth and some other neighboring towns that are not in the 1st congressional district, there is a 5th District GOP primary that pits Waterbury state Sen. Sam Caligiuri, the endorsed candidate, against Justin Bernier and Mark Greenberg.
The winner will take on U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, a Cheshire Democrat who took office four years ago.
Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. Only registered Republicans and Democrats can vote in their respective primaries. They will each have separate ballots to cast.

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Anonymous said...

GO MARY!! Vote Row B Position 5!

Anonymous said...

Mary who???


Anonymous said...

World Wrestling Entertainment. If you must bring it up (despite mentioning only a couple other candidates' occupations) then at least get it right. And for those who say that Entertainment is fake, you're absolutely correct. The wrestlers and others on the show are acting. Get it?

Elliot For Democratic Registrar 2010 said...

" Mary Says She Was An Executive at UCONN"...SHE WAS TERMINATED(Chose Resignation) and She's DESPERATE For A JOB!...That Is The Only Reason She Is Running and She Wants Bruce Suchinski(Who Has A Criminal Record) As Her Deputy Registrar(Scary)...She's ONLY Been On The DTC For Less Than 8 Months(Was A Former Republican), NOT 20 Years Like She Said In Her "Liar Flier"...WAKE UP PEOPLE OF BRISTOL...If Mary Does Not Win The Primary...She Can Go On As A 3rd Party Candidate...If She Comes In 2nd...She'll Also Have A Position In The Registrar's Office Under Working Families(3rd Party) and She Will Also Make $46,000, Plus BENEFITS(She Fails To Tell People That)...Does Bristol CT. Really Need A 3rd Registrar...This Is What Working Families(She's Their Treasurer) Does...That Want In To Run Things Their Way...Call Hartford CT. Registrar's of Voters and See How They're Doing(They Have a 3rd Party Registrar)...It's Been A Nightmare For Them...Is This What you Want For Bristol??? If So Be It, Then Don't Complain When You Have To Pay Even Higher Taxes To Pay Mary's and Her Deputy Bruce S. Salaries(Mary's Benefits)...And Some of You Have The "NERVE" To say That Elliot Is Double~Dipping...C'mon, Elliot Is The ENDORSED CANDIDATE, HE'S HONEST and LOYAL and DEDICATED TO THE Democratic Party...What About The People Of Bristol's Democratic Party Loyalty?
As Far As The BFD...Elliot Retired Because He Had Enough Time In(27 Years) and It Was HIS Choice...The Men/Women at The BFD Who Complain About Elliot and Don't Support Him Is BECAUSE Now They Have To Pay For Their Insurance and Co~Pays and They're Not Happy That... They're Not Getting Everything Served To Them On A Silver Platter (They Risk Their Lives...What About The Lifestar Crew & Walking Across The Street & Going To Work...Like, Hartford Distributors and Many Other Companies...Life Is a RISK and The BFD Is Still Asking For More...Elliot Was Retired at Least 10 Months Before They Had To Pay For Their Benefits and Now They're Blaming Him For Just about Everything That Happens at The BFD...Most of The BFD Needs To Grow Up and Deal With The Changing Times Like EVERYONE ELSE!!!
P.S To The Citizen's of Bristol Do You Think We Need A 4th Registrar...You Know, For Independent Voters...That May Be In The Future If Mary Rydingsward Gets In...It's Your Choice and I and Others Don't Want To Hear Any Bellyaching If She Gets In...You Have No One To Blame BUT, Yourselves~THIS IS WHY I and MANY OTHERS ARE VOTING FOR ELLIOT NELSON FOR REGISTRAR 2010!!! Thank You ☺

Pat said...

GO ELLIOT!!! Vote Row A Position 5!!!

Anonymous said...

Elliott is part of the Art Ward empire building and I will not vote for him based on that alone. He will be loyal to one Democrat, not the other 12,000.

Anonymous said...

9:26 I get it and Linda McMann is an actress right? I do get it do you?

Anonymous said...

Elliot may be endorsed by a few delegates (insiders)but he is not the partys choice until the party themselves choose.

Anonymous said...

10:17 PM,

Ward has spent the last 16+ years in community service working successfully to improve our City and aid its progress. If Nelson has the same work ethic, he's got my vote!

Anonymous said...

And Ronald Reagan, one of our better presidents, had been an actor.