August 5, 2010

Gridley House corner from Bristol's old downtown

I love that car out front. And I wonder who the one guy standing there was.
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Amanda said...

So beautiful! What streets are those?

Anonymous said...

Some history on the Gridley House would be nice

Anonymous said...

the guy standing there is art ward.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I think that's at the corner of Main and the old North Main st. The person who took the picture would have been on the trestle over Main st looking back toward the MacDonalds restaurant that's there now.

If I had to guess the car is a 1906 or 1907, I don't know the make, but its safe to say that's not Art Ward in the photo.

Its easy to look at this picture and ask why was this entire area torn down in the 1960s. But 60 years after this photo was taken the whole area was a real run down shanty looking fire trap.

Maybe that section of north main can be put back to the way it was, extend it all the way back to the light at Laurel street, that would provide a lot more store fronts with condos or apartments above.

Anonymous said...

THAT'S where I left my car .... Thanks Steve